Five Tips to Getting and Staying Organized

This week I am in beautiful Chicago because my nephew, Graham, was born! He is perfection and just so snuggly! He was born April 5th at 1:10am and we got to Chicago at about 11:45pm on Tuesday night (the 5th). You may have seen my Instagram of us driving through Ohio! Yesterday, Wednesday, my parents and I spent the day with Grahams older brother, Charlie, who is 2. We had such a great day but I can’t wait to see Charlie and Graham together! Babies holding babies is the cutest thing ever.

Graham- Organized Ohio Sunset-organized

Today’s discussion is organization, more importantly, how to stay organized. I have struggled with being messy for what feels like forever and I am not just at a point where I cannot take it anymore. It makes life 1000x more stressful and it makes having a full time job and blogging so difficult because I can never find anything. So in recent months I’ve been working on getting/staying organized. It’s a work in progress but here are 5 tips that I’ve been using to try and get to where I want to be…spotless. 

  1. Go through each section of your room on its own and separate everything into keep, maybe, donate/sell & toss. Since I’m terrible at cleaning I’ve spread out each section into a different day so I don’t become overwhelmed. This way works for me because I get stuck at thinking I might eventually need things but don’t use them now. If I haven’t used them in a year they go into the maybe pile. I come back over the next week and eventually find I only keep about 5% of things in the maybe pile and everything else gets set up to either be donated or sold. Selling my things has also made cleaning easier because it’s another incentive to get rid of things.
  2. Use the 10 minute game to make cleaning less daunting. Have a spare 10 minutes? Set your timer for 10 minutes and clean until your alarm goes off. You’d be surprised just how much you can get done in 10 minutes and you don’t burn yourself out. Try to workup to doing 10 minutes a day and eventually you will end up organized! Fingers crossed!
  3. Enlist a buddy. I find if I try to clean on my own I get verrrrry easily distracted and everything is suddenly new and interesting again. I then end up just sitting in the middle of my floor accomplishing absolutely nothing. So when I have someone sit in my room with me it keeps me from just giving up right away because they hold you to it. Kind of like a workout buddy.
  4. Make your bed everyday. That phrase your childhood best friends mom used to say is still true to this day “a made bed is a happy bed”. It is incredible how much neater a room looks when the bed is made. Maybe it’s because all 75 throw pillows are no longer on the floor or because it is the focal point of the room but either way it really helps! Except if you ask Bill he’ll tell you I’m the worst bed maker in America so I have to work on that…
  5. Don’t give up. In the past I stuck to this for a week or so and then gave up and would have to start over every. single.time. But this time is different because I want to make a life change and not a day change, so if we all continue to do our 10 minutes everyday we will all eventually be clean! Fresh and clean, fresh and clean!

What are your favorite organization tips? @Jamie I know you’ll love a good organization discussion hehe!