Anniversary Gifts With UncommonGoods

Is it just me or do you all find it difficult to shop for the perfect anniversary gift for your significant other? I don’t know what it is about anniversaries that differs from say birthdays or the holidays, but I just find them to be so much trickier! Maybe its the whole romantic side that adds the extra pressure. Or maybe because I always want to find something that is different and special. 

One place I love to look for unique anniversary gifts is UncommonGoods. They have the best selection of carefully selected products from all different companies and artists. Plus they really strive to make “a positive impact: in the workplace, in the world”. Plus for every purchase made you can select a non-profit organization to donate a dollar from UncommonGoods at checkout. Since 2001 they have donated over one million dollars with this program. I love supporting companies that strive to do what they can to help. If you’re interested in learning more about UncommonGoods mission you can find it here

So what do I look for when searching for that special anniversary gift? I look for things that not only have charm but they also spark an emotion when opened. UncommonGoods has so many things that I personally want and also want to give as gifts that it’s hard to decide a favorite! So instead I’ve compiled my top 5 anniversary gifts for men and top 5 anniversary gifts for women. But if you are looking for even more gifts you can find more gifts for men here and more gifts for women here

anniversary gift-women

  1. Customizable Anniversary Wine Box: I think this is such a cute anniversary gift because not only is it fun but it also is a gift that keeps on giving! Looking forward to each anniversary will be fun and exciting knowing you have a built in date night already! 
  2. Recycled Glass Tree Globes: These are a special gift because they symbolize and celebrate your relationship so you will always be happy looking at it. Plus they’re all so pretty and unique! 
  3. Rose Quartz Platter: This one is a little pricey but look how gorgeous it is?! I would love to use this to serve while having friends or family over. Such a special piece to have and would make such a wonderful and surprising gift.
  4. Birth Month Mini Dish:  Birth month specific things are such great gifts because they make the person feel like their birthday is important. I personally love getting them! Also, this is a great anniversary gift because you can say it is to hold your ring while you sleep. I have little trays like this all over and love having them to keep my ring safe.
  5. Love Carries All:  This picture is so adorable! It is such a perfect anniversary gift because it’s a great piece of artwork, the message is a beautiful one, and who doesn’t love elephants? 

anniversary gift-for-men

  1. Homemade Gin Kit: What’s more fun than drinking gin? Drinking gin you made yourself! It’s a fun activity that you can do together and then drink with one another! Two dates in one!
  2. Baseball Stadium Blueprints: A fun take on your classic American game! This piece seems extra special because it isn’t just a regular picture of your favorite stadium and will add a ton of character to any room!
  3. Custom Beach Cufflinks: I love that you can pick which beach you get the sand from. Such a special anniversary gift for any beach loving man.
  4. Aerating Wine Glasses: This is a very reasonably priced gift at only $20 for the set. Pair it with a bottle of wine and a home cooked dinner and you have a thoughtful gift on a budget! 
  5. Hockey Stick BBQ Set:  I  might be biased on this gift just because I think Bill would love it one day when we have a grill. Aren’t they so cute? 

What is your favorite gift to give or receive for an anniversary?

This post was sponsored by UncommonGoods, but all opinions are my own. As always, thank you so much for supporting the partnerships that keep Sequins & Strawberries up and running!