Decorating A Beautiful Easter Table On A Budget

Beautiful Easter Table On A Budget EggsEaster is such a pretty holiday, right? Everyone dresses up in their best dresses and suits and really gets the first chance to display their new spring outfits. But the fashion isn’t the only pretty part about Easter, I also just love Easter decorations, especially the table. Is it just me though or does it always seem like when you’re trying to decorate for the holidays the $$$$ just keeps adding up? This year I was determined to make the table look pretty but not spend my whole budget on decorating because if you can have a beautiful Easter table on a budget why wouldn’t you?! 

I decided to start with the centerpiece since that is really where your eye falls on a table. I knew I didn’t want to use the whole budget on a huge bouquet so I decided to think out instead of up. What I mean by this is to decorate along the whole table instead of just the actual center, like you can get away with a gigantic (and expensive) bouquet. For the flowers I went to where else but Trader Joes! For $5 I got this gorgeous bouquet of tulips that added a great dose of color. 

I went to the best place to start for decorations next, the Dollar Tree. It has some really nice things all for $1, which is a decorating price tag that you cannot beat. I found these really cool glitter eggs that I knew would be perfect for the table and at 10 for a $1 it was an absolute steal. I couldn’t find the exact version on the Dollar Tree site but I found these on Targets site, not as good of a deal but still pretty! I originally planned to put them in the bottom of the vase but when they didn’t fit I got creative and put them in wine glasses! I used red wine glasses so they were a bit bigger than white and I love how it turned out! Once the table was done I moved the flowers and the wine glasses to the mantle, which is another great decorating option. Also at the dollar store I got these white candles for you guessed it, $1, and here are glass candle holders from there too! 

Then, I headed to Bed, Bath & Beyond because they have cloth napkins for $1.99 each.  I scooped up new green ones to add some more color to the table since I used our everyday white dishes to save money. You don’t need special dishes for every holiday, one solid color can easily be spruced up with new napkins or accent pieces. Instead of putting the napkin next to the plate I placed it on top of the plate to really emphasis that pop of green. This also worked out nicely as a spot to put the egg “name card”. Just make sure to hard boil the eggs before putting them out, which I know might seem like common sense but I almost forgot…

Bill and I had to run to Target recently and while there I found these adorable gold and white egg shaped salt and pepper shakers. Target has such cute Easter decorations right now, and all so reasonably priced. I also saw these peanut butter egg shaped M&M’s that I knew had to be incorporated into the table. So each spot got a shot glass filled with them! Other good places for reasonably priced Easter decorations are Michael’s, Pier 1, and Kohl’s.

What did I learn from this experience? That decorating is less about how much you spend and more how creative you can get with what you already own!

What is your favorite way to decorate a beautiful Easter table on a budget?

Beautiful Easter Table On A Budget Setting

Beautiful Easter Table On A Budget Salt and Pepper

Beautiful Easter Table On A Budget M&M's

Beautiful Easter Table On A Budget Glitter

Beautiful Easter Table On A Budget Chandelier

Beautiful Easter Table On A Budget Bunny