Borrowed From The Boys

Borrowed From The Boys 1-Sequins & Strawberries Borrowed From The Boys 2-Sequins & StrawberriesBorrowed From The Boys 4-Sequins & StrawberriesBorrowed From The Boys 3-Sequins & Strawberries Borrowed From The Boys 5-Sequins & Strawberries Nautica Boys Blazer//Hanes White Undershirt//JCrew Skirt (Old), Similar here//JCrew Ankle Boots (Old), Similar here (25% off with code SHOPNOW)//Kate Spade Purse (Old), Similar here (Under $100!)//Name Necklace//Vintage Locket

Sometimes there just isn’t clothes in your section that fit you the way you want them to, so you have to get creative. This happened for me when I was looking for a navy blue blazer a few years ago. I couldn’t find one I loved in the woman’s department, so my mom and I headed to the little boys department. This blazer is a boys size 16 jacket and it fits me just slightly oversized like I wanted. Another benefit is they tend to be less expensive than adult versions and the quality is fantastic. 

My tee shirt also happens to be from the little boys section. It’s a boys Hanes undershirt and I love them. I have white v-neck t-shirts from the woman’s section that I wear too but sometimes you just want a different fit. Plus I find them to be a little thicker, which is nice for times you don’t want a see thru shirt.

  I love these ankle boots. I loved them from the start because they have a rubber heel so there is so much cushion. I wear them all day and they never hurt. They’re a few years old but I tried to find a pair close to them. But my advice, anytime you find a pair of boots with a rubber heel, get them, they’re amazing! 

Also, I tried to link more boys blazers below for you guys to see but every time I insert the widgets from Shop Style it ruins my formatting. I even tried to manually code the  <br /> in between each paragraph so they would stop smushing together but it didn’t work. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you in advance!