Getting Business Serious With Basic Invite

Business Cards// Business Card Holder

I never realized how important having business cards was until I was at a blogging event and had to write my information on the back of someone else’s card. Talk about embarrassing! In the world of networking they are possibly the most important asset. 

I knew I wanted something that would go perfectly with the colors and vibe of Sequins & Strawberries. To counteract the gold glitter case I wanted something clean and simple, but still girly. When I came across this pink and white striped version from Basic Invite I knew they were the perfect ones. I love how they are simple and clean, yet not just plain white. 

Not only was I extremely impressed with the quality of the business cards, but the ordering process couldn’t have been easier. I was able to find the exact color I wanted for the business cards because Basic Invite has almost unlimited color options, which you can see how it looks with the instant preview option. With 180 colors you’re bound to find the perfect one, whether it’s for your business cards, chic baby shower invitations, thank you cards for baby showers and other events, wedding invitations,  and all of your other paper needs. 

Some other cool things about Basic Invite is that they let you order custom samples. I know when I order a super special custom paper good, such as a wedding invitation, I want to make sure it looks absolutely perfect in person. Being able to get an actual version of your invitations is amazing! Plus, you have over 40 options of envelope colors to match your every need and they’re peel and seal! Nothing better than not having to lick and seal them all! Lastly, Basic Invite has a free envelope printing for your envelopes. That literally takes the thought and planning out of it all!

I’m so excited to go to my next event and get to feel professional handing out my brand new, perfect for the brand, business cards! 

This post was sponsored by Basic Invite but all thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that keep Sequins & Strawberries up and running!