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Easy Breakfast to Impress Your Guests

Easy Breakfast 3-Sequins & Strawberries

Does anyone else worry about, well I guess basically everything, when they have friends or family visiting and staying with them? Even though these are the people who love you the most in the world and could care less how your house looks or what food you’re serving (you hope..). Well no matter if I think they’ll care or not I always worry and want everything to be perfect. But honestly who really has the time to be perfect? I know I for sure don’t.

Easy Breakfast 4-Sequins & Strawberries

  That’s where this easy peasy recipe comes in. It is so simple, yet looks like something much more special than it is. This delicious (and pretty!) open faced breakfast sandwich has been my go to lately. Not only is it super colorful but it’s also healthy and ohhh so easy to make! I find breakfast is my time to shine because dinner is just too much work and going out is more fun so why even try? Right…? Okay fine one day but for now an easy breakfast is where it’s at. 

Easy Breakfast 1-Sequins & Strawberries

For the bread I used cinnamon raison ezekiel bread (this one to be exact) but you can use any old bread.  I toasted it because well duh toasted bread is so much better. Just a tip with ezekiel bread, it is a bit harder than regular bread so I find it comes out better when you toast it for less time. Then, I mashed a quarter of avocado onto the toast, put a few pieces of spinach on it, then a slice of tomato and topped it with a perfect fried egg. Oooo I just love when the egg oozes out all over, by far my favorite part! Cut up some colorful fresh fruit to put around your beautiful new masterpiece and voila! An easy breakfast to impress your guests! 

Easy Breakfast 2-Sequins & Strawberries

Now for the rest of the weekend with your guests I’d suggest takeout…

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How To Set Up A Bagel Breakfast Bar

Hi everyone! This weekend my girlfriends and I did a wine tour out east at the vineyards, post from our day is here. Before our limo came to get us I set up a bagel breakfast for all of us to enjoy.

I started by ordering plastic wine cups for us all to use while we were at the vineyards (which I forgot were pink when I went with the red, white & blue theme, oops) from Swoozie’s. The cups say “Wine goes in, fun comes out”. This was my first time purchasing from them but I have to say I was very pleased. I filled them with Starburst and Skittle packages because those candies would not melt out in the heat (I’m looking at you chocolate..) and then tied them up in a little plastic goodie bags so everyone could dump the candy in when they wanted to use the cups.  Partly because they were pink and I didn’t want it to be tooo obvious that they were clashing and partly because they would have been too overwhelming on the table I decided to display them on my little wooden crate I keep my purses in.

Next up I wanted to make sure the decor was cute. I went with red, white and blue mostly because I already own so much of it so I didn’t have to add too much more. I already had the navy table cloth, the red checkered table clothes, red place mats, and blue plates and bowls. I stopped at party city and picked up red and white paper straws, plates, and napkins. I also bought the container the OJ is in, which is actually meant for wine but I thought it was cute.

Then, the night before the wine tour I went to Trader Joe’s and picked up lox (because every good bagel station has lox!), tomato, onion, regular cream cheese, vegan cream cheese (hate you lactose intolerancy), and butter for the bagels. I also picked up strawberries and blueberries because they can either be eaten on the side or put in your mimosa! Plus they went with the color scheme. I also grabbed some OJ for said mimosas. Lastly, I picked up red roses for a centerpiece and can you believe that for 8 red roses it was only $5? I love you TJ’s.

On the morning of Bill ran out and got some fresh bagels because he is an angel and NY bagels always taste the best the day of! He also picked up a thing of veggie cream cheese to give everyone another option.

Overall, I was pretty happy with how it turned out and boy was it delicious!

 Bagel Breakfast 9- Sequins & StrawberriesBagel Breakfast 10- Sequins & Strawberries

Bagel Breakfast 1- Sequins & Strawberries
Bagel Breakfast 3- Sequins & StrawberriesBagel Breakfast 4- Sequins & StrawberriesBagel Breakfast 5- Sequins & StrawberriesBagel Breakfast 6- Sequins & StrawberriesBagel Breakfast 7- Sequins & StrawberriesBagel Breakfast 8- Sequins & StrawberriesBagel Breakfast 11- Sequins & Strawberries

What is your favorite breakfast spread?

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As you can tell from my blog name, I love strawberries. If I’m purchasing fruit, there’s a good chance strawberries will make their way into my grocery cart. I just find them so easy to eat and refreshing. I might eat them all year round but nothing compares to in season strawberries. They are just a little touch of heaven. And now couldn’t be a better time to eat them!

So with that all being said, on my latest Pinterest kick I was looking up different ways to eat strawberries. I found some pretty good ones. Some I already do, such as putting them in a salad or a smoothie, and some I’m 100% going to try now. Below are some of my favs but if you’re interested in more you can head over to my Pinterest board

All of these food posts are sure making me hungry hold on while I got get some pizza. Just kidding..I’ll be good and head over to the fruit section 🙂 

Strawberries 1


Strawberries 2via



Strawberries 4


Strawberries 5


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pancakes 9

Bill and I love eating like crap. Sometimes it gets really bad and we’ll just eat so much food in one day and by the end of the day we just have to lay there being miserable. You’d think we would learn at some point huh? Well that’s why we love making these pancakes. Seriously though, who doesn’t love pancakes? They are just a bunch of fluffy goodness, basically happiness on a plate. Butttttt they also are just full of nothing nutritious and are a carb overload, essentially a lose lose situation.

So instead of making regular pancakes we have started making these healthier pancakes that I promise, promise, promise taste just like the original but you don’t feel like a waste after eating them.

I originally found the recipe on Veggies By Candlelight, but since then we’ve made them our own. I don’t have much experience making normal pancakes but Bill says these cook exactly the same, and I for sureeee know they taste the same!

Pancakes 1

Serves 2


  • 3/4 Cup Greek Yogurt (We used Fage 0%)
  • 1 Egg (Or 2 egg whites but I don’t love egg whites)
  • 1/2 Cup Whole Wheat Pastry Flour
  • 1 Tsp baking soda


1)Combine the Greek yogurt and egg and mix until creamy.

Pancakes 3

2) In a separate bowl combine the flour and baking soda.

Pancakes 5

3) Now mix all of the ingredients into one bowl and stir until the batter is combined.

Pancakes 4

4) Let sit for 10 minutes (I know, difficult for me too).

5)Spray the griddle and heat it up.

6)Evenly space out 4 pancakes on the griddle.

Pancakes 6

7) Cook until lightly tanned and then flip and cook the other side.

Pancakes 7

8) Cover with fresh fruit and real maple syrup and enjoy!

pancakes 8

What recipes have you made healthier lately? I would love more suggestions!
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