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Happy Monday everyone! If you saw my Instagram this Friday you were probably wondering what could she possibly be making? A lot of people guessed donuts, which was a very good guess and I wish I was talented enough to make donuts! Perhaps one day!

What I was actually making was Sombrero Cookies! You’re probably thinking to yourself, wasn’t Cince de Mayo a month ago and didn’t you already make healthy tacos for it? This is indeed all true. But my niece’s 1st birthday was May 3rd and our family had something every weekend since then, so Saturday we celebrated with what would have been the original theme of Cinco de Mayo!

I wanted to try my hand at making something. You’ll notice I said making and not baking because I’m still a slice and bake girl. I haven’t worked up the courage yet to go for the real thing. So for now I’ll stick to making instead of baking.

I had seen these Sombrero Cookies all over and decided I would just go for it. I’m happy with how they turned out/ how easy they were to make! I was in a bit of  time crunch so not all of them were as perfect as I would have liked them to be but they tasted good so no one minded.  Also, I apologize that these aren’t my best photos, that time crunch really got me.

How were all of your weekends?! Did anyone do anything exciting?


Sombrero Cookies- Sequins & Strawberries1

  • Sugar cookie dough (Either homemade or slice and bake)
  • White frosting
  • Spice drops
  • Round sprinkles


1)Make the sugar cookies per the directions on the label or from your homemade recipe.

2) Let cool.

3) While the cookies are cooling, put the candy and sprinkles in their own bowls. This will make putting the sprinkles on a lot easier. 
Sombrero Cookies- Sequins & Strawberries 3 Sombrero Cookies- Sequins & Strawberries 4

4) Microwave the frosting for 10-20 seconds, depending on the strength of your microwave. You want it to be soft but not melted. This made it 1,000x easier to put the frosting into the frosting bag.

5) Using the small tip on the frosting bag, put a circle of frosting around the outside perimeter of the cookie. (It was quite challenging to take picures of myself frosting this cookie. You’ll understand if you’ve ever done it, and if you don’t take photos of everything you do then you’re probably just thinking this girl is crazy.)

Sombrero Cookies- Sequins & Strawberries 5 Sombrero Cookies- Sequins & Strawberries 6

6) To get the sprinkles to cover the frosting I found it easier to just flip over the cookie and put it in the sprinkles instead of dropping the sprinkles on the cookie.

Sombrero Cookies- Sequins & Strawberries 7

7) After flipping the cookie over, place a nice sized dot of frosting in the center of the cookie and attach a colorful spice drop.

Sombrero Cookies- Sequins & Strawberries 88) Sprinkle sprinkles onto the additional frosting around the spice drop, and voila! You have a delicious sombrero! Sombrero Cookies 9- Sequins & Strawberries

Happy Birthday Party, Brooklyn!


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Happy Memorial Day! I hope everyone have the perfect day off from work and spends time with friends and family. If you’re going to a BBQ and forgot to make something to bring (you weren’t going to show up empty handed were you?!) here is an extremely easy dessert (or appetizer) to throw together fast.

I have to be honest here, I fell asleep on Sunday before dinner and would not have had enough time to make this so Bill being the most amazing person did it while I was asleep! I wouldn’t normally post so many photos but I was so impressed by his hard work and creativity with the different locations and set ups, and so appreciative that I wanted to show you all! Thanks Bill, love you!

Lastly, make sure to remember what today is really about and not just a day off from work. Thank all of the veterans and active members of our armed forces you know for everything they have done and are doing. Don’t know anyone? Make a small donation to a worthy cause such as Wounded Warrior Project. Every little bit helps these amazing men and women who were injured while doing what they could to keep the U.S. as amazing as it is now.

Hope you enjoy the recipe!


Patriotic Dessert 1- Sequins & Strawberries

  • Any red fruit (We used strawberries and raspberries)
  • Blueberries
  • Bananas (Or marshmallows)
  • Skewers


1) Wash and chop fruit to desired size.

2) Place on skewers to form flag.

3) Eat and enjoy!

Patriotic Dessert 2- Sequins & Strawberries

Patriotic Dessert 3- Sequins & Strawberries

Patriotic Dessert 4- Sequins & Strawberries

Patriotic Dessert 5- Sequins & Strawberries

Patriotic Dessert 6- Sequins & Strawberries

Patriotic Dessert 7- Sequins & Strawberries

Patriotic Dessert 8- Sequins & Strawberries

Patriotic Dessert 9- Sequins & Strawberries

Patriotic Dessert 10- Sequins & Strawberries

Patriotic Dessert 11- Sequins & Strawberries

Patriotic Dessert 12- Sequins & Strawberries

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As you can tell from my blog name, I love strawberries. If I’m purchasing fruit, there’s a good chance strawberries will make their way into my grocery cart. I just find them so easy to eat and refreshing. I might eat them all year round but nothing compares to in season strawberries. They are just a little touch of heaven. And now couldn’t be a better time to eat them!

So with that all being said, on my latest Pinterest kick I was looking up different ways to eat strawberries. I found some pretty good ones. Some I already do, such as putting them in a salad or a smoothie, and some I’m 100% going to try now. Below are some of my favs but if you’re interested in more you can head over to my Pinterest board

All of these food posts are sure making me hungry hold on while I got get some pizza. Just kidding..I’ll be good and head over to the fruit section 🙂 

Strawberries 1


Strawberries 2via



Strawberries 4


Strawberries 5


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