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Simon Pearce Store & Restaurant In Quechee, Vermont

Simon Pearce 10

Sweater:  Lulus (Under $50 and comes in 5 colors!)// Jeans: Paige//Boots: Michael Kors, sold out in my heeled version but here is the platform version and the flat boot// Purse: Vintage Gucci, found it in red here// Necklace: Was a gift but this one is similar

Has anyone else ever had that moment when you walk into a store and you just feel at home? Well that’s how it was the first time I walked into Simon Pearce at their Westport, CT location at the age of 10 with my mom and our family friend, Maria. I just fell in love with the simplicity and elegance of it all. I instantly knew that when I had a house of my own one day, it was going to be filled with Simon Pearce.

Over the years, I’ve acquired a few of his pieces and have continued to treasure them. My ultimate dream was always to have a matching set of the Hartland Lamps. I was just so drawn to them, even at a young age! 

Simon Pearce 2If you are unfamiliar with Simon Pearce, they started as a handmade glass company that makes everything from wine glasses to vases and lamps. I would describe them now more as your complete entertaining package since they have also branched out to flatware, wooden bowls and cutting boards, serving pieces, linens, candles, and even wine! Just to name a few! 

Simon Pearce 6

Simon Pearce came over from Ireland in the 1980’s and opened his workshop in Quechee, VT. He chose this location because of the waterfall right there and the ability to use the hydro-power to run his machinery.  Bill and I finally visited this location this past weekend!

Simon Pearce 21

Simon Pearce 8A few years after my initial experience with Simon Pearce I learned about the Quechee location. The second I heard about it I knew I needed to go one day. Not only could you shop but you also could eat in their restaurant that overlooks the waterfall. The view is exactly how you would imagine it to be, absolutely stunning. Also, very relaxing ha! Another cool thing is you can actually go into the workshop and see the magic in action! Bill and I stood for so long watching the extremely talented glassblowers working their craft. 

While we were there, they were making wine glasses and their precision was completely enthralling to watch. The temperature of the glass they are working with is 2100 degrees and at the end stages is still a whopping 1000 degrees! We just loved the experience and seeing how each and every single piece is made by hand. There is something to truly be impressed by such a large company still staying true to their roots. 
Simon Pearce 14Simon Pearce 15Simon Pearce 16The location also just completely lived up to my expectations. Every area was beautifully thought out and decorated. The store itself was gorgeous and flowed nicely into the bar area. We didn’t have a chance to check out the bar area and menu but we did eat at the restaurant, at the best seat in the house too! We had the most perfect view of the waterfall, which our waitress was extremely patient about waiting for us while we took a million photos of it. 

Simon Pearce 9
Simon Pearce 3
Simon Pearce 4Simon Pearce 5I would 1000% go back to this restaurant if I’m in Vermont. Not only was the view incredible but the food was absolutely delicious. I sometimes feel like restaurants added onto attractions are good, but nothing special. This was NOT the case with Simon Pearce. Holy wow was the food good! Bill got the Crisp & Spicy Point Judith Calamari Salad and I got the Pumpkin and Butternut Squash Ravioli. If you follow me on Instagram I actually posted our meal there, too good to not share! Lastly, the entire staff was just so friendly! Everyone answered every question with a genuine smile and made the experience even better than I could have imagined!

The only downside I can think of is that they do not accept reservations, so if you want a seat by the window overlooking the waterfall I’d recommend either going early or putting your name in and then wandering around till your table is ready. Bill and I did that and we had the perfect amount of time to see everything!

Simon Pearce 7
Simon Pearce 12
Simon Pearce 18Simon Pearce 19 Simon Pearce 20

Location: Quechee, Vermont

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Iggy's 2- Sequins & StrawberriesIggy's 4- Sequins & StrawberriesIggy's 3- Sequins & StrawberriesIggy's 5- Sequins & StrawberriesIggy's 1- Sequins & StrawberriesWow has this been an amazing week (plus a few days)! Thank you to all of my friends and family for celebrating and being there for Bill and I, we love you all sooo much! And thank you to all my new blog friends, your kind words have been so amazing to read, it really added to the excitement!

When we were in Rhode Island we went to this wonderful little restaurant called Iggy’s. If you are ever in Narragansett you have to go, it is just so delicious. Healthy, not so much, but boy did we enjoy ourselves! Bill and I ordered one of the Seafood platters to share, an order of dough boys because you have to while you’re there, and two of their homemade sodas. The seafood platter was moreee than enough food for the two of us. It came with a cup of chowder or a salad, Bill got the New England clam chowder, fried fish, fried shrimp, fried clams, fried scallops, french fries and coleslaw, and then we also added on curly fries because why not? We were celebrating!

The place itself is really charming. There is indoor seating but you can also order at the window and eat outside. We went during lunch when it wasn’t super crowded but apparently the lines goes all the way down the block at peak dinner times. But that just goes to show how good it is! They are building a new fancier restaurant next door but I’m not sure if the original stand will stay or not. I guess we shall see!

Have any of you ever been to Iggy’s?

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Briq 1- Sequins & StrawberriesSo finally my last post on our trip to New Haven, CT! Here is my first and second post on it. If I might add I really saved the best for last! Hands down this was the best meal Bill and I have had in ages. Everything was extremely flavorful and we could not get enough of it! We stumbled upon Briq as we were wandering around New Haven trying to decide what to eat for dinner. We thought we were in the mood for Chinese but then we saw a sign for rooftop dining. Since it was an absolutely beautiful day out we thought that could be fun! Boy am I glad we made this decision!

Before I move onto what we ordered I just have to say that the service was amazing. Our waitress could not have been sweeter or more knowledgeable on what we were ordering.  Her recommendations were on point for what we were in the mood for. She also told us that they had completely switched around the menu so everything we were trying was new. We made sure to let her know to tell the chef that it was all incredible! PS- Because they just switched their menu it doesn’t seem to be updated online yet, but if you’re really interested in seeing it email me and I can send you my photos of the menu. I always take them so I don’t forget what is in something but they’re not very pretty.

Now onto the decor first. How cute is the setup? We didn’t really look around inside but judging from the fact that the bathroom had a shower we think it was a converted townhouse. But up on the rooftop there was brick on one side, wood on another, and then concrete also, however it didn’t feel busy. Then, not pictured were outdoor couches where people could hangout if they just wanted to drink and not eat and an outdoor bar, which is nice that someone doesn’t have to go all the way downstairs to get your drink.

Briq 2- Sequins & Strawberries Briq 3- Sequins & Strawberries

The first drink I got was the Aperol-Raspberry Lemonade which is: fresh raspberries, Ketel One Citron,  aperol, lemon, simple syrup and filtered water. A++

The only negative I have about the whole place (besides the fact that it isn’t on my corner for me to go everyday) was my second drink, which was the Green Beast. In it was: Mansithe, lime, simple syrup, filtered water, and and cucumber. To me this sounded like it would be so refreshing but instead it tasted like black licorice and I hate black licorice. So this was more of a personal opinion.

Bill’s first drink was the New Fashioned, which was: the duke bourbon, orange bitters, cherry bitters, and rich simple syrup.

Then Bill’s second drink was the JB: Jameson black barrel, velvet falernum, lemon, and fever tree ginger beer.

Briq 4- Sequins & Strawberries

Aperol-Raspberry Lemonade on the left and the New Fashioned on the right.

Briq 9- Sequins & Strawberries

The JB on the left and the Green Monster on the right.

Next up were our appetizers. We ordered Warm Ricotta and the Bistro Fries. We took this photo pre stirring up the ricotta, which was a good decision because then you got a little bit of everything in each bite!

The Warm Ricotta is: Poached egg, truffle oil, fresh herbs and grilled flat bread. Yes it is as good as it sounds. Put truffle oil on anything and i’ll be hooked. When we finished with the flat bread we started to dip our french fries in it too!

The Bistro Fries are: Shoestring, served with smoked aioli. Does anyone else pick anything on a menu that gives you aioli?

Briq 5- Sequins & Strawberries

Warm Ricotta

Briq 6- Sequins & Strawberries

Bistro Fries

For dinner we normally pick two things that we both want and share them. This is always nice because, like with the salmon, you sometimes try things you never would and love them! The reason I wouldn’t have tried the salmon is because it had a jalapeno sauce, but they put it on the side for us and it wasn’t that spicy so I was okay.

First up was the Bistro Burger. It was good but I was so obsessed with the salmon that I barely ate any of it. On it was: House blend brisket & chuck, whipped cheddar, onion marmalade, smoked aioli, tomato, arugula, served on an English muffin with shoestring fries.

I personally love when burgers are served on English muffins, I think it really enhances the meal. The burger was delicious, a bit messy but it was worth it. We kept the Warm Ricotta to dip our fries in so our ketchup wasn’t even touched haha!

Next, was the salmon and my oh my was it good! The salmon itself was perfect but I think it was the sides that really got me. The vegetables were better than any I’ve ever had, no lies or exaggeration. Absolutely delicious. And I plan on cooking my rice the way they did from now on because I was hooked.

The Pan Seared Salmon was: Strawberry & jalapeno, crispy coconut rice, summer veggies, and scallion oil.

Just writing this post is making me want to trek back to New Haven to have it! But seriously if you are ever in the New Haven area you have to go to Briq, complete realness it was a perfect evening!

Briq 7- Sequins & Strawberries

Bistro Burger

Briq 8- Sequins & StrawberriesPan Seared Salmon

What is the best meal you’ve had lately?

Come follow along for more Sequins & Strawberries!



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Pepe Pizza 1- Sequins & Strawberries

Hi guys! I hope everyone had a great weekend! I didn’t post yesterday because I ended up being with friends all day Saturday and Sunday and was pooped by Sunday night. I try to post 5 days a week but if I’m really tired or cranky or whatnot I don’t force myself to because I don’t want blogging to feel like a chore. So I apologize when I miss a day but the chances of me missing two days in a row are very slim so make sure to just check back again the next day! Or you can follow along on Bloglovin’ and never miss another post!

Okay so now onto the pizza! I mentioned in this post that when we were in New Haven on our list of things to do was to try out Pepe’s Pizza. I had heard about Pepe’s from my brother in law Josh who grew up in Connecticut and said that Pepe’s was known as the best pizza around. Not that I didn’t believe him but I did some research on my own and everything I read was extremely positive! So off we went to Pepe’s!

The Original Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana first opened in 1925! If you don’t feel like doing the math it has been open for 90 years, so you knowwww it has to be good! And let me tell you, it was delicious! The pizza was soo good that Bill and I each ate our own pie… yes you read that correctly. Stuffed was an understatement. Here is some history on Pepe’s if you’re interested.

Bill and I ordered a small “The original tomato pie with mozzarella” and a small “white clam“. Both were delicious but I think overall we liked the original pie better. Except the crust on the White Clam was amazingbecause it had grated cheese on it. Bill ordered a diet coke and I got a sweetened iced tea and it was free refills so we were two happy campers.  There’s something about places that don’t have free refills that makes me really upset, so when there is it’s like the cherry on top! The people sitting next to us got shrimp as one of their toppings and it looked phenomenal so if we go back we’re going to order that too.

Quick tip: we were really lucky and somehow managed to get a seat right away but we heard you can sometimes be waiting over an hour for a seat. When we were leaving the restaurant the line was already starting to form down the block so make sure to give yourself enough time.

I’m embarrassed to admit that we were so excited to eat so these are the only photos I took. But take my word on it, this coal fired oven pizza was delicious and we would definitely go back again! And not to toot our own horns or anything but we’re kind of pizza connoisseurs so we know good pizza. Just saying.

Pepe Pizza 3- Sequins & Strawberries

The original tomato pie with mozzarella

Pepe Pizza 2- Sequins & Strawberries

white clam

Pepe Pizza 5- Sequins & Strawberries Pepe Pizza 6- Sequins & Strawberries

Just so excited to eat!

Have you had any good pizza lately? Would love to hear more suggestions!

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Recently Bill and I went to a great restaurant in Boston over in the Fenway area. We googled “outdoor places to eat in Boston” and Sweet Cheeks was one of the options that came up. We thought it sounded delicious, which is was! It ended up being pretty crowded so we ate inside but they had these giant garage doors that they left open so it did feel airy. We didn’t venture into the outdoor area but it was a miniature beer garden, which could be very fun to go back to this summer!

To get the holiday weekend going we decided to order a bucket of beer. We each picked two beers, I picked a Budlight lime and a Sam Adams light and Bill picked a Budlight lime and a Sierra Nevada. What was nice was the cans were 16oz ones and then the others were bottles, so for $19 we think we got a pretty good deal.

For appetizers we each ordered a biscuit with honey butter. First off, I wanted to order the bucket of biscuits which came with four and Bill (very wisely) said let’s start with one each. That was a wonderful decision because they were HUGE. Second, I didn’t even have time to take a picture because when they came we ate them so fast. They were cooked perfectly and the honey butter had such an interesting, yet amazing taste.

Then, for dinner we decided to split the Fat Cheeks tray, which gave you three different types of meat, one hot side, and one cold side. We chose pulled pork, brisket, sausage links, potato salad, and bbq ranch beans. We were very happy with our decision because it was just the right amount of food to fill us up but to still allowed us to get ice cream after dinner! My favorite would have to be either the fatty part of the brisket (I know, so bad haha) or the sausage, and Bill’s favorite was the pulled pork. The potato salad was so good but I didn’t love the beans. I don’t know why I thought they would actually have ranch that I could taste. Confession: I love ranch dressing. So I think I was biased here because it wasn’t what I thought it would be.

Overall, I really enjoyed Sweet Cheeks. The decor was really cute and relaxed. They had a bunch of tv’s up so it surprisingly is a good place to go to watch a game and it also was very family friendly at the same time. Also, the staff was lovely. I would definitely go back again!

Sweet Cheeks 1- Sequins & Strawberries

Love the decor in here!

Sweet Cheeks 3- Sequins & Strawberries

The restaurant has long wooden, family style tables (I had to take this photo sneakily because I do not know them haha. If that’s you, then hi!)

Sweet Cheeks 4- Sequins & Strawberries

Sweet Cheeks has three of their own BBQ sauces. Bill liked and used them but they weren’t my favorite. They were more vinegary than I like.

Sweet Cheeks 2- Sequins & StrawberriesThis is the Fat Cheeks tray with pulled pork, brisket, sausage, potato salad, and beans.

I hope if you’re in the area you’ll go try out Sweet Cheeks!

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