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10 Pink Coats To Get You In The Mood For Valentine’s Day

Pink Coat- Pink Wool Coat Comfortable-Sequins & Strawberries Coat: GUESS // Jeans: Madewell// Shirt: So old but similar here // Shoes: Jimmy Choo // Clutch: Gray Monroe (c/o) 

Truth be told I’ve always been a pink girl. I definitely went through phases when I was younger where I owned a ton of pink clothing. Nowadays though, I like to save my pink for more of an accent color than the whole look. I bought this pink coat last year but because it is such a favorite it continues to be restocked so it is still available in every size!It also comes in black and maroon but I recommend the pink! I might be biased but it is just such a beautiful coat.

I don’t think I’ve ever owned another article of clothing that has gotten more compliments than this pink coat. Plus, it isn’t just women or people my age complimenting. I got numerous “what a beautiful pink coat” from grandpa aged men also. You know how some fashion trends are girl pretty or boy pretty? Meaning you know when you wear somethingif it’s super trendy or different that boys normally won’t like it but your girlfriends will be obsessed. Well this pink coat went across the board to everyone! Which isn’t why I like it but it sure doesn’t hurt either!

I love the idea of a pink coat for Valentine’s Day because you are wearing the color in such a huge way but also able to be a bit more muted at work once you remove it. It’s kind of the best of both worlds look, plus it’s too cute! This particularcoat might not be for everyone so I found nine more pink coats for Valentine’s Day!Pink Coat- cheetah purse-Sequins & StrawberriesPink Coat- Coat over the arm-Sequins & StrawberriesPink Coat- Jimmy Choo heels-Sequins & StrawberriesPink Coat- NYC fashion blogger-Sequins & StrawberriesPink Coat- Pink Wool Coat-Sequins & StrawberriesPink Coat- Tied Up Shirt-Sequins & StrawberriesPink Coat-fashion blogger-Sequins & StrawberriesPink Coat-Pink Coat Over the arm-Sequins & StrawberriesPink Coat-Seated Seat-Sequins & StrawberriesPink Coat-Sitting photo-Sequins & Strawberries


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Last Minute Super Bowl Appetizers

5 Last Minute Apps

Whether you’re a sports fan or not I think we can all agree on one thing, delicious appetizers are a must for the Super Bowl. I personally could eat appetizers all day, every day. I’m not sure if I just find them more delicious than things prepared for dinner or if I just like the whole smorgasbord idea of eating but I love appetizers. 

This year for Super Bowl Sunday Bill and I are laying low. He’s a Patriots fan and I’m a commercials fan so we both want to be able to actually hear everything. But even though it’s just the two of us I will still be making way too many appetizers. Be ready to eat them the rest of the week, Bill! 

But whether you’re having a huge get together or a more lowkey gathering having easy to assemble appetizers is I’m sure high on your list. Here are five recipes to get your party started!

  1. Mini Burritos

We are without a doubt making these mini burritos. Not only are they adorable, as any good appetizer should be, but they’re also delicious and filling. Plus, I always find when you give your guests the option of choosing their own toppings your appetizer becomes a much bigger hit. Also, since you are letting your guests put the toppings on their own, besides browning the meat there really isn’t too much work needed here. 

Mini Burrito 6-Sequins & Strawberries

2. Buffalo Chicken Pinwheels

Please excuse the quality of this picture, we first made this appetizer back when we had literally zero idea how to take photos so it is not our finest work. However, don’t let the photos fool you, these pinwheels are ah-mazing! Whenever we make these our friends and family go nuts for them! The best part though? These can be made the day before and left in the fridge overnight.

Buffalo Chicken Pinwheels 3-Sequins & Strawberries

3. Caprese Skewers With Balsamic Drizzle

I know that this appetizer seems kind of summery but who doesn’t love to not have to cook?! This is honestly the easiest appetizer to assemble and it’s just so delicious. Bill and I have made it a few times in the past and it’s always a hit!


4. Slow Cooker Cocktail Meatballs

My mom has made this recipe as long as I can remember but she always made them in a giant pot. Why is this version even better you ask? Because it’s made in a crockpot and everything is better in a crockpot. Personal opinion but I love just throwing everything in and leaving it until we’re ready.


5. 7 Layer Bean Dip

I can almost guarantee that any good party has some sort of a bean dip. My guess is because people love it and it’s so darn easy to make. What more can you ask for?!


Then, if all else fails, nothing goes faster at a party than onion dip and chips, ha! 

What is your favorite appetizer to make for a party?!

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Decorating A Small Apartment For Christmas


Let me start this post by saying this is not our apartment tour haha, we are nowhere near decorated or set up how we want to be but I wanted to share how we decorated for Christmas this year anyways. 

This Christmas is extra special because it is our first married one. Yes we’ve spent the last two Christmas’ together but this one feels extra special. Because of this we wanted to make our new home together festive for the holidays, even if we don’t have too much space in our NYC apartment. So here are my tips on how to decorate even when you’re short on space!

  1. Wrap your gifts ahead of time and use them as decorations. The prettier the wrapping paper the better! This year I used red as the coordinating color between the three wrapping papers I used, all of which are from Design Design. They have the BEST selection of wrapping paper, as well as other cute things, such as stationary, cards, cocktail napkins, and home entertaining pieces. I have ours displayed out on our table where I can see them everyday and smile! I used this pattern, this one, and this one.
  2. Go for the tree even if you don’t have a lot of space! Our tree is so small but we love it! We affectionately and unoriginally named it “little tree”. We got ours at one of the vendors on the street and it also came with a mini stand. Our tree skirt is this one from Target. Since the tree is so small and the weight of ornaments is a bit much for it we stuck with the ornaments that we have received as a couple and then put bows on to fill in the empty spaces. We also hung a wreath on our door which makes me smile each time coming home!
  3. Use unconventional space to maximize the amount of decorations you can use. Since we don’t have much table space I used the radiator cover to display the nutcrackers, snow globe, sign and candy dish. It was empty space just asking to be decorated! We also put the Christmas poppers in our wooden fruit bowl to really put them on display! Lastly, we used the space in front of the TV to put little Christmas figurines that aren’t quite tall enough to block what we’re actually watching.
  4. Use your holiday cards as decoration. Super easy and as inexpensive as it gets since friends and family are sending them to you! You can either designate one section to cards or scatter them throughout. I personally love putting them on little name cards holders to really make them stand out or hanging them all on a wall or door as decoration.
  5. Switch out your regular blankets and pillows with festive ones. We normally have blue pillows on the couch but switched in green and white ones for the season, as well as the adorable little Merry Christmas pillow. We also usually store our blankets in a basket but instead chose to display the fleece snowflake one. Staying cozy is the best for the holidays! Relaxing on the couch under the cozy blanket with a glass of wine in our holiday wine glasses is the perfect way to end the day!
  6. Play Christmas music! Since the day after Thanksgiving Bill and I have had a constant rotation of our favorite holiday music playing in the apartment. Nothing gets you more in the mood than singing your favorite jolly tunes! 
  7. Dress the part! Getting a new pair of Christmas PJ’s is the best, but why just save them for Christmas Eve? Bill and I have been constantly wearing these red and navy blue plaid pajama bottoms on repeat. You don’t have to necessarily buy matching pajamas but we thought it would be fun for our first Christmas! Then, for accessories I’ve been loving these ‘Baby it’s cold outside’ socks(Only $10!)and gold bow earrings, adorable!

What are your favorite decorating tips, whether for a small apartment or huge house?


 Thank you to Design Design for the product and thank you for supporting the companies that support Sequins & Strawberries!

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Cinco de Mayo Inspired Looks

Lets be serious, who doesn’t love Cinco de Mayo? It’s an excuse to dress up, go out with girlfriends, and drink margaritas! This year I’m repeating the tradition and going out with some of my best friends from home. Where we are going is my first thought and my second thought is what to wear?! 

I thought it would be fun this year to bring in a touch of the holiday to my ensemble. Whether it is with bright colors or fun patterns, I just know I want to be festive without being overkill (read: sombrero). Plus, all of these different pieces will be adorable all summer long!

Cinco de Mayo ideas 2

  1. Black Tassel Dress (Only $55!) : Such a cute dress! It really is such a classic way to play with the tassel trend and this dress will go with so much all summer long!
  2. Yellow & Red Scarf  : I love how bright these two colors are together! This is basically all you need with a white tee and jeans to look festive and fun!
  3. Silver Necklace (Only $17!) :Such a steal at $17! I’ve been loving bigger pieces of jewelry lately and this one is no exception. There is a time and a place for dainty jewelry but celebrating calls for the fun pieces!
  4.  Chandelier Earrings  : These earrings are just so pretty and eyepopping enough without being over the top. Perfect for someone who wants to dress up for Cinco de Mayo without being the center of attention. 
  5.  Embroidered Top : I think this top is just so beautiful. I’m a real sucker for embroidered pieces and the colors of this one really caught my eye. I’m picturing it paired with white jeans and tan sandals, casual but classic.
  6. Red Scarf (On sale!) : I love this scarf! I’ve had my eyes on it for a while now and with it on sale I’m thinking of taking the plunge…

What are your plans for Cinco de Mayo? And more importantly, what are you going to wear?!

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Green For St. Patrick’s Day

This past weekend I went out Friday and Saturday which just does not happen for me. I think my body kind of went into shock and I was out for commission on Sunday and kind of Monday. I’m not sure if it was the going out, that I’m just worn down lately or because I ate dairy for the first time in like a month when I’m not supposed to. But whatever it was I thought I scheduled this post to go up and apparently didn’t actually schedule it. So here you go, a few hours late.

As I’m sure you can tell from my pale skin and red hair I have a bit of Irish heritage in me. I love St. Patrick’s Day because this is the only day of the year that being pale is cool and Irish soda bread is the shiz, plus green is just really flattering. This year my actual March 17th plans are kind of lame, just taking a Pure Barre class but I will be celebrating this weekend at my towns annual parade. After the parade everyone goes to the various bars in town where I kid you not signs are posted that say ‘please leave your strollers outside”. Which clearly always means a good time 😉 

Besides the food and the fun my favorite part about St. Patrick’s Day is dressing up. When I was younger I went all out but now my goal is to look like a normal person while still clearly wearing green and celebrating. Here are a few ideas I have in mind for this Thursday/Saturday! Green jeans has been my go to the past few years so I think I’m leaning towards the dress but I’m not positive! 

St. Patrick's Day Green Ideas


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