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Simon Pearce Store & Restaurant In Quechee, Vermont

Simon Pearce 10

Sweater:  Lulus (Under $50 and comes in 5 colors!)// Jeans: Paige//Boots: Michael Kors, sold out in my heeled version but here is the platform version and the flat boot// Purse: Vintage Gucci, found it in red here// Necklace: Was a gift but this one is similar

Has anyone else ever had that moment when you walk into a store and you just feel at home? Well that’s how it was the first time I walked into Simon Pearce at their Westport, CT location at the age of 10 with my mom and our family friend, Maria. I just fell in love with the simplicity and elegance of it all. I instantly knew that when I had a house of my own one day, it was going to be filled with Simon Pearce.

Over the years, I’ve acquired a few of his pieces and have continued to treasure them. My ultimate dream was always to have a matching set of the Hartland Lamps. I was just so drawn to them, even at a young age! 

Simon Pearce 2If you are unfamiliar with Simon Pearce, they started as a handmade glass company that makes everything from wine glasses to vases and lamps. I would describe them now more as your complete entertaining package since they have also branched out to flatware, wooden bowls and cutting boards, serving pieces, linens, candles, and even wine! Just to name a few! 

Simon Pearce 6

Simon Pearce came over from Ireland in the 1980’s and opened his workshop in Quechee, VT. He chose this location because of the waterfall right there and the ability to use the hydro-power to run his machinery.  Bill and I finally visited this location this past weekend!

Simon Pearce 21

Simon Pearce 8A few years after my initial experience with Simon Pearce I learned about the Quechee location. The second I heard about it I knew I needed to go one day. Not only could you shop but you also could eat in their restaurant that overlooks the waterfall. The view is exactly how you would imagine it to be, absolutely stunning. Also, very relaxing ha! Another cool thing is you can actually go into the workshop and see the magic in action! Bill and I stood for so long watching the extremely talented glassblowers working their craft. 

While we were there, they were making wine glasses and their precision was completely enthralling to watch. The temperature of the glass they are working with is 2100 degrees and at the end stages is still a whopping 1000 degrees! We just loved the experience and seeing how each and every single piece is made by hand. There is something to truly be impressed by such a large company still staying true to their roots. 
Simon Pearce 14Simon Pearce 15Simon Pearce 16The location also just completely lived up to my expectations. Every area was beautifully thought out and decorated. The store itself was gorgeous and flowed nicely into the bar area. We didn’t have a chance to check out the bar area and menu but we did eat at the restaurant, at the best seat in the house too! We had the most perfect view of the waterfall, which our waitress was extremely patient about waiting for us while we took a million photos of it. 

Simon Pearce 9
Simon Pearce 3
Simon Pearce 4Simon Pearce 5I would 1000% go back to this restaurant if I’m in Vermont. Not only was the view incredible but the food was absolutely delicious. I sometimes feel like restaurants added onto attractions are good, but nothing special. This was NOT the case with Simon Pearce. Holy wow was the food good! Bill got the Crisp & Spicy Point Judith Calamari Salad and I got the Pumpkin and Butternut Squash Ravioli. If you follow me on Instagram I actually posted our meal there, too good to not share! Lastly, the entire staff was just so friendly! Everyone answered every question with a genuine smile and made the experience even better than I could have imagined!

The only downside I can think of is that they do not accept reservations, so if you want a seat by the window overlooking the waterfall I’d recommend either going early or putting your name in and then wandering around till your table is ready. Bill and I did that and we had the perfect amount of time to see everything!

Simon Pearce 7
Simon Pearce 12
Simon Pearce 18Simon Pearce 19 Simon Pearce 20

Location: Quechee, Vermont

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How To Wear Your Spring Dress Now

How To Wear Spring Dress Now-1

Dress: Project Social T (c/o)// Turtleneck: Gap, really old but this one seems perfect for layering// Boots: Michael Kors, they’re old but I found them on the RealReal and then I love these boots// Tights: JCrew// Clutch: Louis Vuitton, I couldn’t find this exact one because it’s a few years old but I found a few other used ones that I love (here, here, here, here, and here)

I am getting such an itch to start wearing my spring clothes. The very end of February/beginning of March always brings this out in me. I’ve just finally reached my end with the cold in NY and having to constantly bundle up.

So how am I dealing with this? Well I’m still bundling, but just in a different way now. I really wanted to wear this new spring dress, the color really just caught my eye! But realistically if I wore it on its on I would freeze my tush off, even with these warmer temps we’ve been experiencing. So instead of being cold all day I threw on my trusty black turtleneck, a pair of black tights and black knee high boots to tie the whole look together! 

Layering a turtleneck under a spring dress is the easiest, and most effective, way to start wearing it now. You don’t necessarily have to wear a solid colored sweater either. I think a fun striped or patterned turtleneck would look adorable with this solid colored dress. The first type that is coming to mind for me right now is a floral patterned one for some reason, even though I don’t have own one ha! I think it’s because this whole look has a somewhat 70’s vibe going on, which we all know is a common theme for me lately. 

This spring dress is from the clothing company Project Social T and I’ve become such a big fan! I’ve recently worn their grey sweater and their drinking of you tank. I love how their pieces aren’t busy. I know that sounds weird but sometimes it’s just nice to have amazing pieces that can be mixed and matched with endless options. I feel like they were just made to add to wardrobes as those go to pieces to help create more use out of everything else in your closet. They essentially have made those missing link pieces that you’re always on the search for. 

Take this orange dress for example. I can wear it now with my black turtleneck look and then in a month or so with an army print jacket and ankle booties. Then, when summer hits it will be equally cute thrown on over a bathing suit while on vacation as paired with a pair of nude wedges and a top knot (which is not quite possible with my hair yet ha!). 

A few other pieces that I love from their collection to be those “missing links” in your wardrobe are this tank top, this bodysuit, this dress, this tshirt, and this wrap top. I also think the prices are all really reasonable for the quality of the clothing. We all know how important this is in an age of $200 t-shirts that you can’t imagine paying for or $10 t-shirts that fall apart in one wash. 

Okay I’m off to go watch the Academy Awards. I’ll probably only make it about an hour in, I really just cannot sit and watch these shows for too long. Does anyone else have a really short award show attention span?

How To Wear Spring Dress Now-4 How To Wear Spring Dress Now-3How To Wear Spring Dress Now-7 How To Wear Spring Dress Now-2How To Wear Spring Dress Now-5How To Wear Spring Dress Now-6How To Wear Spring Dress Now-8

Photos by: Allie Provost

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Hunter Green Bomber Jacket

Hunter Green Bomber Jacket- dark blue jeans-Sequins & Strawberries

Coat: BB Dakota (Also comes in black)// Long Sleeved Shirt: Gray Monroe (c/o)-sold out//Jeans: 7FAM// OTK Boots: Steve Madden// Purse: BP, sold out but nearly identical here// Necklace: Old, but nearly identical here // Lipgloss: Bobbi Brown ‘Almost Pink’

My love for hunter green and olive drab is strong. I just find it to be the most flattering color on every skin tone. So when I saw this BB Dakota hunter green bomber jacket I knew I just HAD to have it. It’s the perfect casual piece to add to any wardrobe, plus as a taller girl I love how it hits a bit longer than most bomber jackets. It’s also shockingly warm, which living in NYC is a blessing. Looking chic and warm is really a necessity lately, I’m beyond ready for warmer temps, anyone with me?

As Bill was taking these photos it started absolutely down pouring on us. We stuck it out and finished the shoot but we laughed the whole way through it. Wasn’t really anything else to do ha! Soaking wet hair is in style right?!

Speaking of the weather.. how gorgeous was it this weekend?! I know the colder temperatures are bound to come back again soon because it is only February but this was such a much needed break from the chill. Bill’s parents also came in for their 40th anniversary so we had a great weekend with them! Happy anniversary Gail and Mike!

To keep this warm weather celebration going I’m hosting a special giveaway with some wonderful bloggers! How does a $500 Target giftcard sound? Amazing? Thought so! Details below and a good luck to you all!

Hunter Green Bomber Jacket- tassle necklace-Sequins & StrawberriesHunter Green Bomber Jacket- caught in the rain-Sequins & StrawberriesHunter Green Bomber Jacket- crushed velver royal blue purse-Sequins & StrawberriesHunter Green Bomber Jacket- detail photo-Sequins & Strawberries Hunter Green Bomber Jacket- heeled boots-Sequins & Strawberries Hunter Green Bomber Jacket- jacket slung over shoulder-Sequins & Strawberries
Hunter Green Bomber Jacket- white shirt-Sequins & Strawberries
Hunter Green Bomber Jacket-black over the knee boots-Sequins & Strawberries Hunter Green Bomber Jacket-NYC fashion blogger-Sequins & Strawberries


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10 Pink Coats To Get You In The Mood For Valentine’s Day

Pink Coat- Pink Wool Coat Comfortable-Sequins & Strawberries Coat: GUESS // Jeans: Madewell// Shirt: So old but similar here // Shoes: Jimmy Choo // Clutch: Gray Monroe (c/o) 

Truth be told I’ve always been a pink girl. I definitely went through phases when I was younger where I owned a ton of pink clothing. Nowadays though, I like to save my pink for more of an accent color than the whole look. I bought this pink coat last year but because it is such a favorite it continues to be restocked so it is still available in every size!It also comes in black and maroon but I recommend the pink! I might be biased but it is just such a beautiful coat.

I don’t think I’ve ever owned another article of clothing that has gotten more compliments than this pink coat. Plus, it isn’t just women or people my age complimenting. I got numerous “what a beautiful pink coat” from grandpa aged men also. You know how some fashion trends are girl pretty or boy pretty? Meaning you know when you wear somethingif it’s super trendy or different that boys normally won’t like it but your girlfriends will be obsessed. Well this pink coat went across the board to everyone! Which isn’t why I like it but it sure doesn’t hurt either!

I love the idea of a pink coat for Valentine’s Day because you are wearing the color in such a huge way but also able to be a bit more muted at work once you remove it. It’s kind of the best of both worlds look, plus it’s too cute! This particularcoat might not be for everyone so I found nine more pink coats for Valentine’s Day!Pink Coat- cheetah purse-Sequins & StrawberriesPink Coat- Coat over the arm-Sequins & StrawberriesPink Coat- Jimmy Choo heels-Sequins & StrawberriesPink Coat- NYC fashion blogger-Sequins & StrawberriesPink Coat- Pink Wool Coat-Sequins & StrawberriesPink Coat- Tied Up Shirt-Sequins & StrawberriesPink Coat-fashion blogger-Sequins & StrawberriesPink Coat-Pink Coat Over the arm-Sequins & StrawberriesPink Coat-Seated Seat-Sequins & StrawberriesPink Coat-Sitting photo-Sequins & Strawberries


Shop the post:


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Tied up Shirt And Flares

Tied Up Shirt & Flares -flare jeans-Sequins & Strawberries

Shirt: Heartloom//Flares: Parker Smith // Ankle booties:  Really old but similar here// Vintage purse: Similar here

For as long as I can remember I’ve always been drawn to 70’s style clothing. There’s just something so easy going and wearable about it. It’s the kind of look that would work wearing it anywhere from brunch, to errands to out at night. 

This button down is so silky and soft that it can be styled in so many different ways. I think it looks just as cute tied up with flares as it does tucked into a skirt. Pieces like this are the perfect ones to add to a wardrobe! Also, aren’t the stripes so pretty? 

These Parker Smith flares are SO comfortable. The material is the softest of fabrics and they have the perfect amount of stretch. Plus, they’re just high waisted enough to really make you feel like everything is being sucked in. Which makes it so you can tie that shirt a little higher! 

Sorry todays post is so short and somewhat scattered, I just have not been feeling great this week. I’ve been so exhausted and I’ve had a headache all week, it’s been annoying. Has anyone else been feeling this tired this week? Any suggestions besides just sleep, which I’ve been doing a tonnn of. 

Tied Up Shirt & Flares -button down top-Sequins & StrawberriesTied Up Shirt & Flares -high waisted flares-Sequins & Strawberries Tied Up Shirt & Flares -new york city street-Sequins & Strawberries
Tied Up Shirt & Flares -striped top-Sequins & Strawberries Tied Up Shirt & Flares -tied up button down top-Sequins & Strawberries Tied Up Shirt & Flares -vintage gucci purse-Sequins & Strawberries

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