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Simon Pearce Store & Restaurant In Quechee, Vermont

Simon Pearce 10

Sweater:  Lulus (Under $50 and comes in 5 colors!)// Jeans: Paige//Boots: Michael Kors, sold out in my heeled version but here is the platform version and the flat boot// Purse: Vintage Gucci, found it in red here// Necklace: Was a gift but this one is similar

Has anyone else ever had that moment when you walk into a store and you just feel at home? Well that’s how it was the first time I walked into Simon Pearce at their Westport, CT location at the age of 10 with my mom and our family friend, Maria. I just fell in love with the simplicity and elegance of it all. I instantly knew that when I had a house of my own one day, it was going to be filled with Simon Pearce.

Over the years, I’ve acquired a few of his pieces and have continued to treasure them. My ultimate dream was always to have a matching set of the Hartland Lamps. I was just so drawn to them, even at a young age! 

Simon Pearce 2If you are unfamiliar with Simon Pearce, they started as a handmade glass company that makes everything from wine glasses to vases and lamps. I would describe them now more as your complete entertaining package since they have also branched out to flatware, wooden bowls and cutting boards, serving pieces, linens, candles, and even wine! Just to name a few! 

Simon Pearce 6

Simon Pearce came over from Ireland in the 1980’s and opened his workshop in Quechee, VT. He chose this location because of the waterfall right there and the ability to use the hydro-power to run his machinery.  Bill and I finally visited this location this past weekend!

Simon Pearce 21

Simon Pearce 8A few years after my initial experience with Simon Pearce I learned about the Quechee location. The second I heard about it I knew I needed to go one day. Not only could you shop but you also could eat in their restaurant that overlooks the waterfall. The view is exactly how you would imagine it to be, absolutely stunning. Also, very relaxing ha! Another cool thing is you can actually go into the workshop and see the magic in action! Bill and I stood for so long watching the extremely talented glassblowers working their craft. 

While we were there, they were making wine glasses and their precision was completely enthralling to watch. The temperature of the glass they are working with is 2100 degrees and at the end stages is still a whopping 1000 degrees! We just loved the experience and seeing how each and every single piece is made by hand. There is something to truly be impressed by such a large company still staying true to their roots. 
Simon Pearce 14Simon Pearce 15Simon Pearce 16The location also just completely lived up to my expectations. Every area was beautifully thought out and decorated. The store itself was gorgeous and flowed nicely into the bar area. We didn’t have a chance to check out the bar area and menu but we did eat at the restaurant, at the best seat in the house too! We had the most perfect view of the waterfall, which our waitress was extremely patient about waiting for us while we took a million photos of it. 

Simon Pearce 9
Simon Pearce 3
Simon Pearce 4Simon Pearce 5I would 1000% go back to this restaurant if I’m in Vermont. Not only was the view incredible but the food was absolutely delicious. I sometimes feel like restaurants added onto attractions are good, but nothing special. This was NOT the case with Simon Pearce. Holy wow was the food good! Bill got the Crisp & Spicy Point Judith Calamari Salad and I got the Pumpkin and Butternut Squash Ravioli. If you follow me on Instagram I actually posted our meal there, too good to not share! Lastly, the entire staff was just so friendly! Everyone answered every question with a genuine smile and made the experience even better than I could have imagined!

The only downside I can think of is that they do not accept reservations, so if you want a seat by the window overlooking the waterfall I’d recommend either going early or putting your name in and then wandering around till your table is ready. Bill and I did that and we had the perfect amount of time to see everything!

Simon Pearce 7
Simon Pearce 12
Simon Pearce 18Simon Pearce 19 Simon Pearce 20

Location: Quechee, Vermont

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How To Be A Great Weekend Packer

great weekend packer

Shoes: J. Crew (Same shoe, different color)// Purse: Louis Vuitton Neverfull in size MM// Duffel: Louis Vuitton (I’m also a big fan of the Vera Bradley duffel bags, they fit SO much!)

Being in a long distance relationship for so long resulted in a lot of packing for weekend trips, so I think it’s safe to say that after 2 years of that I became somewhat of a great weekend packer. These skills have also traveled over to bigger trips where I can now pack for a vacation in a carry-on bag. The key is to remind yourself that you do not need a ton of extra outfits and that things can be worn more than once.

I really struggled with this in the beginning. I used to drive up to Bill’s with about 6 different bags and still feel like I was forgetting things. Which I did end up doing half the time anyways. I eventually learned that I wasn’t ever going to have my full wardrobe and to deal with it and make the best of the situation. Well fast forward to now and I think I have a better handle on it all.

Here is my sure fire way to be a great weekend packer! 

  1. Start by writing down Day/Night for each of the days you’re away for.
  2. Under each heading write in what you think you would want to wear, right down to the accessories and if there is any special makeup.
  3. In another column I write down all of the necessities: pajamas, toiletries, money, hair things, etc. That column is things that you would bring on every trip with you and won’t change from trip to trip. I had actually started just keeping them in one of those gigantic ziplock bags so I would always have it together. For normal people who aren’t traveling every other weekend you could just make a bag full of carry on sized products to always have ready.
  4. After writing everything down go through it again and see if there is anything you can remove and have something else that will be packed in its place, such as removing a pair of shoes and wearing the same pair with two outfits. This might seem like common sense but it really took me a while to break the habit of a different pair of shoes for every outfit.
  5. When you feel like you have your list down start finding the different pieces you want to pack. Put every piece in a pile on your floor and cross them off as you place them in the pile. This lets you see what you are still missing and if you are washing something it makes it so you don’t forget to add it to the pile once it’s clean.
  6. Once everything is there lay out all of the outfits, this helps you to make sure nothing was left off your list or if there is anything you can remove.
  7. When everything is picked out you are ready to start packing the suitcase to make sure everything fits. I’ve found the best way to pack for maximum space is to roll everything. The, if the suitcase is too full or too heavy unpack and look at the outfits again. This normally results in another pair of shoes being removed, unfortunately!
  8. Lastly, pack up your purse with any jewelry, sunglasses, regular glasses, wallet, phone charger and anything else you’re worried will break if it gets jostled around. It’s also a good idea to throw in an easy snack, a water bottle (if you’re flying bring an empty one to fill up once you’re through security), some sort of reading material, and headphones for when you don’t want to talk to anyone want to listen to music.


What are your favorite tricks to being a great weekend packer? 

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Iggy's 2- Sequins & StrawberriesIggy's 4- Sequins & StrawberriesIggy's 3- Sequins & StrawberriesIggy's 5- Sequins & StrawberriesIggy's 1- Sequins & StrawberriesWow has this been an amazing week (plus a few days)! Thank you to all of my friends and family for celebrating and being there for Bill and I, we love you all sooo much! And thank you to all my new blog friends, your kind words have been so amazing to read, it really added to the excitement!

When we were in Rhode Island we went to this wonderful little restaurant called Iggy’s. If you are ever in Narragansett you have to go, it is just so delicious. Healthy, not so much, but boy did we enjoy ourselves! Bill and I ordered one of the Seafood platters to share, an order of dough boys because you have to while you’re there, and two of their homemade sodas. The seafood platter was moreee than enough food for the two of us. It came with a cup of chowder or a salad, Bill got the New England clam chowder, fried fish, fried shrimp, fried clams, fried scallops, french fries and coleslaw, and then we also added on curly fries because why not? We were celebrating!

The place itself is really charming. There is indoor seating but you can also order at the window and eat outside. We went during lunch when it wasn’t super crowded but apparently the lines goes all the way down the block at peak dinner times. But that just goes to show how good it is! They are building a new fancier restaurant next door but I’m not sure if the original stand will stay or not. I guess we shall see!

Have any of you ever been to Iggy’s?

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     As I mentioned here I didn’t take a ton of photos while in Montauk. To be honest at many times I completely forgot I even had a phone so I will share some photos that I do have, but most will be a write up of the different places we went instead.

My friends and I wanted to stay somewhere that was reasonably priced so that we weren’t blowing our whole budget on our sleeping accommodations. One of the great things about Montauk is that there are a ton of motels right on the beach or a block away that you can stay at. We chose to stay at The Wave Inn, which was one block away from the beach and one block away from town. Being able to walk to 99% of the places we went to really saved a ton on cabs considering that out there they are $5 a person no matter how many people are in the cab. We were all very happy with our stay there. The location was for sure our selling point on it but the rooms also really fit for what we wanted. In our room there were two full beds, a queen pullout couch, and then a little mini kitchenette. The rooms weren’t fancy but we never felt too cramped and were able to hangout in our room before going out (always thinking about saving). Then, outside in the middle of the courtyard was a patio with tables and chairs and a pool and each room got a parking pass. For what we paid we definitely got our moneys worth.

Foodwise it was nice being so close because for lunch there were a bunch of deli’s and pizza places to quickly grab something to eat and then go back to whatever we were doing. It was also nice being close to dinner and going out places so no one had to drive. Meals were pretty scattered but here is a list of the places we went to, what I ate and what I thought of the places. Hope this helps anyone who is looking to go!


1) Anthony’s Pancake House:

I ordered the silver dollar pancakes with a side of bacon for breakfast. My pancakes were good and really hit the spot. If you’re going on the weekend I would recommend heading there either really early or for more of a brunch timing since the line was outside the door. It is a cash only place,as are many places in Montauk, so make sure to take out money ahead of time. There is a Chase in town but that was the only bank I saw.

2) Naturally Good Food

I ordered the Bagel De’Lox with soy cream cheese (thanks lactose intolerancy!), which is a sprouted wheat bagel, with cream cheese, tomato, red onion, sprouts,  and strips of Smoked Salmon. I really enjoyed it, minus the spouts which I took off, but the soy cream cheese tasted almost like real cream cheese so I was a happy camper! Only drawback was that the place was a tad bit pricey but I find that most health food stores are. We ate out back on picnic tables, which was a nice surprise because the store was so crowded. There were also a few tables inside, so I wouldn’t holdback going there if the weather isn’t great.


1) Red Hook Lobster Pound

Oh man do I love lobster rolls! (Insert obsessed with seafood mention here). You can order a few different versions but I stuck with the classic Maine style, which is with mayo. I thought the amount of lobster was a very decent amount and the price was pretty on par for lobster rolls. They also have different flavors of lemonade which were delicious. You order your food inside and then wait at the picnic tables outside until someone brings your order to a window. We easily found seats but we went at a very off time so I would be prepared to wait a bit normally.

2) Continental Market

My friends and I all ordered very simple things here that should not have been a problem. I ordered turkey, tomato and avocado on a whole wheat wrap with honey mustard on the side. Not only was the avocado not ripe but it was basically just cut in half and put inside the wrap. Same thing happened with my friends wrap. If that had been the only issue I could have lived with it but someone else ordered a buffalo chicken wrap and they gave him regular turkey and we overheard them say they had no blue cheese but they weren’t going to let him know until we said something. The man taking our orders was rude and our simple wraps came out wayyy after people who ordered theirs after us, even a simple turkey and tomato on whole wheat bread which should have been so fast. Overall I just was not happy with the service or the food and would not go back there. I normally do not even put up things that I am unhappy about, just let the good places shine and get noticed, but I couldn’t not share how terrible this was.


1) Duryea’s Lobster Deck & Seafood Market

This place has a really beautiful view, which you are definitely paying for but it’s worth it. We made sure to go a bit earlier since there tends to be a line, because of said view, which really helped us.  The restaurant is a bunch of different plastic tables outside and you order from a counter but the seafood is really delicious. It is so fresh and tasty that I would for sure go back again. Bill and I were starving so we split the mussels, a lobster roll, and a hotdog (hey it was the 4th weekend after all!). All of them were wonderful. Besides the fact that you have the most amazing view of the sunset the next best part is that it is BYOB and there is no fee, which makes the prices of the food worth it! We did have to take a cab here from our hotel and it was cash only, just a heads up!

Montauk 5- Sequins & StrawberriesMontauk 2- Sequins & StrawberriesMontauk 3- Sequins & Strawberries

2) 668 The Gig Shack

We came here for dinner on the 4th and there was a bit of a wait, which there is zero surprise about, but we waited at their bar and the line went pretty fast. For appetizers we got the Spicy Tuna Tartar Taquitos and the scallop special. The Taquitos looked more like tacos than what we expected but they still tasted so good. Then for dinner I got the Blackened Local Fish Montacos. This meal was probably my favorite one from out here, really recommend going. The place was casual enough but you could still get dressed up to go, which is always fun and they do accept credit cards.

Montauk 1- Sequins & Strawberries

This is surprisingly my only food photo I took this weekend. In the middle is the scallops with avocado and tomato and on the outsides are the Tacquitos.

Going out:

1) Memory Motel

The Memory Motel is a very fun place. It is an old motel that is converted into a nightclub/bar. I believe that some of the rooms can be rented out but most are just used as dance rooms, which we didn’t go into so I really can’t let you know how they are. We had a great time there though, there was a DJ who played great music and it was crowded but still breathable. Only bad thing was the $20 cover but it would be foolish of them to not capitalize on the crowds over the holiday weekend.

2) Navy Beach

Navy Beach was beautiful. You can eat there but we just went there after dinner one night for a nice drink. It is right on the bay and has it’s own private beach leading up to the bay, so the view is incredible. I didn’t really explore inside but outside there is cabana-like structures where you can sit and eat your meals, which really make it pretty. Then, there are also picnic tables and tables in the sand with bean bag chairs surrounding it. We sat out there and had a nice glass of wine while a live band played. Perfect outdoor setting. Navy Beach wasn’t near our hotel so we also had to take a cab here.

Montauk 4- Sequins & Strawberries

The beautiful view from the backyard at Navy Beach!

3) The Sloppy Tuna

I think the name says a lot about this place. It is not your casual sit down and relax bar but if you’re going for a dance party then this is your place. There tends to be a line but it moves pretty fast since the place is so big. There is a downstairs, an upstairs and then the best spot is out on the deck, where you have a perfect view of the beach and ocean. The night that I went there was no cover for girls but there was a $10 cover for boys.

So I’m not putting up any going out photos but this one while we were still in the room with the selfie stick was just too good to resist!

 Montauk 6- Sequins & Strawberries

If you have any questions about Montauk, please feel free to comment or email me! I would love to help in any way I can!

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So to update everyone from this weekend Bill did amazingly after his wisdom teeth came out! He got the top two out and I’m sure you won’t believe me when I say this but he had absolutely zero pain all weekend. It was amazing!

When we realized he was feeling A-okay Saturday we decided to take advantage of the day together and headed over to Newbury Street (basically the 5th Avenue of Boston) and had a wonderful day! I finalllllyyy ordered a new pair of glasses from Warby Parker and then we went to lunch with two of Bill’s friends who live right over there. I am so thrilled to finally have glasses (well in 7-10 days) since mine have been broken since March and I’ve been too lazy to get a new pair.

So needless to say I chose spending time doing things with Bill over blogging and working this weekend. I did manage to completely reorganize my Pinterest though to make it easier for everyone (and me!) to find what we’re looking for. So I hope you like the new categories! If you have any suggestions for more categories you’d like to see let me know, I’d be happy to add more!

Now onto today’s actual post. This 4th of July Bill and I are headed to Montauk with some friends. Needless to say I’ve been trying to plan my outfits for basically the past month. I like to take my time before trips mentally packing in case I need to purchase anything or if things I own do not look how I pictured them too once I put them on. Here are some things I either have recently purchased for the trip or am using as inspiration while packing, hopefully it helps you too!

 4th of July Inspiration1//2//3//4//5//6//7//8//9

Since Montauk is a beach town I like to keep it a bit more casual than I would for other vacations. I might bring one pair of wedges, these to be exact, but I doubt I will end up even wearing them. My go-to is an easy to throw on maxi that can easily double up as a beach cover up also. I’m going to pack this new black maxi I got during the Victoria Secret half annual sale and the maxi I wore for my birthday. Then, because it does get a bit chilly at night I’m going to pack my trusty Levi’s denim jacket since it matches any of the outfits I will be packing.

Another thing is that with any beach town sometimes you go right from the beach to grabbing a drink at a bar, so I wanted outfits that would work for that also. Of course the maxi would work but I also wanted a way to wear my new one piece, but using the one piece as a top. Paired with a black maxi and my black floppy Jcrew hat makes for a cute yet still beach friendly outfit!

Lastly, since we’ll be there for the 4th of July I want to wear something festive but not too overdone. I love the idea of subtle touches, such as these espadrilles or this scarf paired with either a white sundress or a white t-shirt and denim cutoffs. I think I’m leaning towards getting the espadrilles because at least I can wear them for more than just the three big summer holidays (Memorial Day, the 4th, and Labor Day).

What are you guys planning on wearing for the 4th? Do you go all out or keep it subtle like me?

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