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Similar Blazer//Gap Shirt//Jeans//Similar Purse//Similar Boots//Burberry Watch

I wasn’t always such a blazer person, I used to feel like they fit me weird and looked boxy. As you can tell from this post and now my new one that this has changed. Maybe I’ve grown into my body or maybe my style has just changed but either way it opens up a wide range of possibilities for me. Blazers really have a way of pulling the simplest of outfits together and making you look polished and classic. 

I paired my blazer with simple black, white and gold accessories. I always like to roll the sleeves of my blazers because it makes them a bit more casual but when I did my shirt sleeves were then too long. To fix this problem I just folded them over the blazer. A great pair of motorcycle boots is a staple for any closet. They can take a polished outfit and add a cool factor or help to dress down a fancier dress.  This summer I also wore one over a maxi dress to make it more work appropriate. So basically a blazer can be worn with just about anything.