New Years Eve Party Ideas

new-years-eve-sequins-strawberriesI know Christmas hasn’t even happened yet but my mind is already on New Years Eve. This year Bill and I are hosting our first married NYE party and I’m SO excited! This will not only be the first time some of our friends will be seeing the apartment but also our first real chance to use some of the entertaining pieces from our registry! 

I’m a pretty traditional person who loves sending out invitations but sometimes you just either don’t have enough time to print them and get them out to your guests. This happened to me this year because I was so focused on wedding planning that I instead decided to use Paperless Post and send e-vites instead! Now I know what you’re thinking but I promise there are tons of adorable options and it doesn’t in anyway make it less personal. Honestly I feel like friends like receiving these better because they can just reply either yes or (better not!) no right away and not forget to respond. 

Paperless Post is a great option for all events though, we even used them for our rehearsal dinner so it was one less thing we had to run to the post office! You can also use them for custom baby shower invitations, surprise parties, BBQ and picnic parties, and one that I have used many times in the past and actually how I originally found Paperless post, charities and fundraisers.  These are just a few of the many, many types of invitations to choose from. 

What I love about Paperless Post though, is that just in case you didn’t want to send out an e-vite, you still have the option to mail them as a paper card. This option would be great for say a baby shower where the friends of the mommy to be would love an e-vite but I don’t think grandma would! You can still even send out matching cards!

Another great feature is you can save your address book so each year when it comes time to send out Christmas cards you don’t have to retype any of the names, the lazy mans dream! You can also go back and see any invitations or cards that you have sent out in the past, as well as invites or cards you received. A great way to track your event calendar and make sure you never lose a party address again, since no one wants to have to be the person asking the host the day of “what’s your address again?”. 

Now back to planning out NYE party! Some other things I will definitely be doing for the party to say goodbye to one of my favorite years in the books is:

  • Making a bunch of delicious appetizers instead of a big meal. So much less work and planning and plus it makes it easier for friends to come and go as they please. On the menu will definitely be these adorable mini burritos and make ahead buffalo chicken pinwheels. The more things you can make ahead the better!
  • Cute and easy party favors, such as these 2017 crowns and noisemakers! Sorry neighbors!
  • For decorations I think we need this adorable balloon wall hanger. How cute is it?!
  • I cannot wait to use our new drink dispenser to make a festive cocktail!
  • Then, for whomever stays over I think we’ll have to try out one of these waffle recipes the next morning!

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