Decorating A Small Apartment For Christmas


Let me start this post by saying this is not our apartment tour haha, we are nowhere near decorated or set up how we want to be but I wanted to share how we decorated for Christmas this year anyways. 

This Christmas is extra special because it is our first married one. Yes we’ve spent the last two Christmas’ together but this one feels extra special. Because of this we wanted to make our new home together festive for the holidays, even if we don’t have too much space in our NYC apartment. So here are my tips on how to decorate even when you’re short on space!

  1. Wrap your gifts ahead of time and use them as decorations. The prettier the wrapping paper the better! This year I used red as the coordinating color between the three wrapping papers I used, all of which are from Design Design. They have the BEST selection of wrapping paper, as well as other cute things, such as stationary, cards, cocktail napkins, and home entertaining pieces. I have ours displayed out on our table where I can see them everyday and smile! I used this pattern, this one, and this one.
  2. Go for the tree even if you don’t have a lot of space! Our tree is so small but we love it! We affectionately and unoriginally named it “little tree”. We got ours at one of the vendors on the street and it also came with a mini stand. Our tree skirt is this one from Target. Since the tree is so small and the weight of ornaments is a bit much for it we stuck with the ornaments that we have received as a couple and then put bows on to fill in the empty spaces. We also hung a wreath on our door which makes me smile each time coming home!
  3. Use unconventional space to maximize the amount of decorations you can use. Since we don’t have much table space I used the radiator cover to display the nutcrackers, snow globe, sign and candy dish. It was empty space just asking to be decorated! We also put the Christmas poppers in our wooden fruit bowl to really put them on display! Lastly, we used the space in front of the TV to put little Christmas figurines that aren’t quite tall enough to block what we’re actually watching.
  4. Use your holiday cards as decoration. Super easy and as inexpensive as it gets since friends and family are sending them to you! You can either designate one section to cards or scatter them throughout. I personally love putting them on little name cards holders to really make them stand out or hanging them all on a wall or door as decoration.
  5. Switch out your regular blankets and pillows with festive ones. We normally have blue pillows on the couch but switched in green and white ones for the season, as well as the adorable little Merry Christmas pillow. We also usually store our blankets in a basket but instead chose to display the fleece snowflake one. Staying cozy is the best for the holidays! Relaxing on the couch under the cozy blanket with a glass of wine in our holiday wine glasses is the perfect way to end the day!
  6. Play Christmas music! Since the day after Thanksgiving Bill and I have had a constant rotation of our favorite holiday music playing in the apartment. Nothing gets you more in the mood than singing your favorite jolly tunes! 
  7. Dress the part! Getting a new pair of Christmas PJ’s is the best, but why just save them for Christmas Eve? Bill and I have been constantly wearing these red and navy blue plaid pajama bottoms on repeat. You don’t have to necessarily buy matching pajamas but we thought it would be fun for our first Christmas! Then, for accessories I’ve been loving these ‘Baby it’s cold outside’ socks(Only $10!)and gold bow earrings, adorable!

What are your favorite decorating tips, whether for a small apartment or huge house?


 Thank you to Design Design for the product and thank you for supporting the companies that support Sequins & Strawberries!