Engagement Photo Do’s and Don’ts

engagement photo 19-sequins & strawberries

Photos by Diana of Brett Matthews Photography

During wedding planning/moving I kind of let blogging slip to the side but now that the wedding is over (and was amazing!) I’m going to go back and go into more detail about different parts of it every Wednesday! A kind of Wedding Wednesday thing! I hope you find these posts helpful while planning the wedding of your dreams!

Today is all about the engagement photos! Our photography package came with them but I really would recommend them either way. Bill and I both found it to be extremely helpful to get the chance to work with our photographer, Diana, before the actual wedding. Trust me you don’t want to be learning how to pose with your future husband on the day of the wedding. You have enough things to think about that day, let the photos not be a stress for you.

So now a list of my engagement photo do’s and don’ts!

Do wear something classic. 

Trendy pieces are really fun, just not for your engagement photos. Stick to those tried and true pieces that you know you love and will continue to love. You don’t want to look back in a year and be upset with your outfit. Plus, those pieces you love tend to fit you the best because they’re not too loose or too tight. Which brings me to our next one…

Don’t wear anything you’re not 100% comfortable in.

If you’re not feeling like a superstar in your outfit it’ll show in the pictures. You don’t want to be adjusting your clothing or shoes in between each photo, or worse, during the photo. This also applies to how fancy your outfits are. If you and your fiance live in your t-shirt and jeans and hate wearing dresses then show that in your photos. Same goes for if you both love dressing up, why would you suddenly wear something you wouldn’t normally?You want your photos to be a reflection of you as a couple.

Do coordinate without being cheesy.

What I mean here is wearing coordinating or complimentary colors is a good idea, wearing matching outfits is a bit more awkward family photos. Also, if one of you is in a ball gown the other shouldn’t be in a sports t-shirt and ripped jeans. Either both dress up or both go casual.

Don’t have more than two outfit changes.

Bill and I each wore two different outfits. One that was a bit more dressed up (me in a dress and him in a suit) and one more casual (me in an off the shoulder top and white jeans and Bill in khakis and a white button down). We found that this was more than enough outfits to give us a ton of photo options. If you’re dying for a few looks I wouldn’t recommend having more than one more change after that. Three outfits is more than enough, plus the time you waste changing could cut into your photography time.

Don’t wear logos.

Do you really want to look back in five years and see a giant logo across your shirt? Probably not. Plus they’re just distracting. Peoples eyes will be drawn to that huge logo instead of your smiling faces. 

Do get your hair and makeup done.

I admit I kind of felt like a diva doing this but am sooo happy I did. Your hair and makeup never looks as good as when someone else does it. I don’t know about you all but I also feel 1  million times more confident when I’m loving my hair and makeup. This is ultimately why I got it done, so I could just enjoy the day with Bill and not be worrying that my hair went flat or I looked too pale. Another bonus is that  I used the makeup artist I planned to use for my wedding for the engagement photos. I had already gotten a trial but didn’t love the under eyeliner, so this time I didn’t get it and ended up loving my makeup and feeling more confident in my decision to use her for my wedding. I wouldn’t recommend scheduling your initial trials for the day of the engagement photos though, you can never be too sure if you’ll love it or hate it and you don’t want to be upset at the photos.

Do paint your nails.

I kind of feel like this one is a given but I added it in anyways. You know there will be close ups of your hands and painted, non-chipped nails always look the best.

Do get your ring cleaned.

This goes with the last one. Your engagement ring is why you’re taking these photos after all so you know it will star in at least one photo. Getting it cleaned before the photos will ensure it is looking it’s extra sparkly best!

Do bring your pet.

This one I didn’t do because we don’t currently have any pets but I personally love when people include their pets in their photos. Not only are they a part of your family but they make the photos even more special. Just make sure to bring a friend or family member with you to watch them while you take the rest of your photos. They might be your first child but you won’t want them in every shot.

Do have fun with it.
And most important of all, have fun with it! These photos shouldn’t make you feel like you’re getting your teeth pulled, they should be fun! Yes they might be a bit awkward but you’re with the love of your life, getting ready for your wedding. How much more special can it get? Bill and I just kept making one another laugh while we took the photos which not only made it more fun but also made it so we had genuine smiles in the photos. A big ol’ win win! 
Have any other engagement photo questions? Feel free to email me at Susie@SequinsandStrawberries.com, I’d love to help in anyway I can!
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