Fall Goals

Fall Goals -Sequins & StrawberriesI have a confession to make: I love setting goals. I might forget to look back at them but I love setting them. I am that person that without fail sets New Years Resolutions and birthday goals. Some I keep and some I don’t. Well this month’s B Bar Linkup is perfect for me, it’s about setting fall goals, which I have already done because September and “Back to School” is a perfect time to plan!

The summer and all of the craziness that goes along with it is coming to an end (unless you’re me and still have plans every weekend until mid October) and it is the unofficial “new year”. September always meant the start of a new school year and fresh new goals to accomplish during that year. I never understood why school didn’t start January 2nd, it just seemed like it would make more sense but there must be a reason they start in September.

But anywho! The goals I made for myself for this fall, which I consider September-December, all fall under the same category. I want to become a better blogger. I feel like I have it in me but I haven’t given myself the free time to devote to just doing, creating and seeing where things take me. I let myself get wrapped up in the stress of numbers instead of just creating and enjoying. I’m not saying I’m not enjoying blogging, because I really and truly am, it’s more I’ve been putting unnecessary pressure on myself and I do not think I will ever be 100% proud of my work until I give myself time.

I want to really devote this time to learning how to use my camera. I have always loved and admired photography and would love to be able to capture these beautiful moments in my life with family and friends. Being able to have the gift to preserve all of the sweet moments that occur and be able to look back on them and smile would be amazing. For my birthday Bill had bought a camera class for us to take together so I would really like to do that.

I also used to do a ton of crafts and DIY’s growing up and always loved doing them. I want to get back into making again, and not just copying Pinterest tutorials but actually sitting and creating my own things and making my own tutorials! Even though I will be petrified to ever make a Youtube video, maybe one day I’ll bite the bullet and do it! But for now I will stick to  photography instead of videos.

What are your Fall goals? 

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