Fall Syllabus

Fall Syllabus 6-Sequins & StrawberriesFall Syllabus 1-Sequins & StrawberriesFall Syllabus 2-Sequins & StrawberriesFall Syllabus 3-Sequins & StrawberriesFall Syllabus 4-Sequins & StrawberriesFall Syllabus 5-Sequins & StrawberriesFall Syllabus 7-Sequins & StrawberriesJCrew Flannel//JCrew Tank Top (On sale for $20!)//Gap Jeans//Timberland Boots// Similar Purse// Warby Parker “Marshall” Glasses

I love the fall but seriously who doesn’t? The best part about fall though is all of the bright colors, whether it’s the changing leaves or the different pumpkins and gourds. Going to a pumpkin patch is one of my favorite fall activities, once again I know #basic, but I really do love it. One of these days I want to try and carve a pumpkin and make a pumpkin pie, but for now i’ll just stick with admiring them…and posing my glasses on them haha! 

I know I’ve talked about my glasses before but I really do love them. Warby Parker glasses are such a great deal and they’re so cute! This is the first pair of glasses I’ve ever felt looked okay on, and they have so many different styles right now to check out. Looking for different ideas on how to style your glasses? Check out #FallSyllabus on Instagram and see how stylish people all over are wearing their Warby Parker glasses this fall season! 

Also, about this outfit, I am obsessed with this tank top. I wish I had ordered like 100 of every color because it is so comfortable. Which maybe I will do because it is that great! And it’s on sale right now!