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Lilla P Sweater, different color (via Idyology) /Parker Smith Jeans (via Idyology) /Snug Camisole (via Idyology) /Similar Earrings/ Similar wedge booties

I’ve always been a fan of flare jeans, I just always found them to be so flattering, especially on my shape. They are the perfect type of pants for anyone who is larger on top and wants to even out their proportions. I have been wearing flares since high school, through college and am still going strong today. I actually had this friend in college who used to laugh that I wore flares, even though she always commented that they looked good, but why not wear something that you’re comfortable in and flatter you?

I am beyond happy with these jeans, which are the brand Parker Smith. If you are looking for a great pair of flares I highly recommend them. Not only do I find them to be flattering (hopefully you guys agree haha!) but I wore them on Thanksgiving and they were amazing. Wearing jeans on Thanksgiving is always risky because they don’t have much give and who doesn’t want to overindulge on Thanksgiving?! Butttt these really held up. The denim is super soft and because they’re high waisted they slipped right over my trouble spots and allowed me to really fill up. I didn’t even have to undo my top button and that’s normally my go to! I bought them recently at Idyology and am so happy with them.  Also, they mentioned them on Extra this week, which made me excited but also kind of like my secret was being revealed! 

Some tops are tough to pull off with flares because you really need to balance the bottom of the jeans. If something is baggier on top, like this sweater, I’d recommend doing the little front tuck to give yourself a little more shape. Does anyone else ever feel like they get the half tuck right sometimes and then other times horribly wrong? 

On a separate note, do you guys ever wonder if the people who live in these areas where we take our photos ever see their houses in the photos and laugh? I think about this every time I’m taking/editing photos. Not that I have a million followers where too many people are seeing my posts but I cannot wait for the day that someone comments that it’s their house!