Floral Dress in Parc de la Ciutadella

Bill and I are so glad our second hotel in Barcelona was across the street from this beautiful park because otherwise we might have never found it!

Dress: Mango // Shoes: Sam Edelman // Sunglasses: Diff Eyewear

Location: Barcelona, Spain

On our last full day in Barcelona Bill and I made sure we squeezed in the last few sites we wanted to see. That was pretty tiring so by the time we got to Parc de la Ciutadella we were ready to relax. Boy were we happy to find it was the perfect place to do so!

We just wandered around taking in the beautiful gardens, sculptures and buildings. I didn’t get photos of everywhere in the park but I feel these images capture a lot of our favorite areas. If you only have a short time to explore Parc de la Ciutadella my suggestion would be to walk past the Parlament de Catalunya and the waterfall Cascada. A fun fact I learned is “Gaudí immortalised himself on the fountain, which stands by the lake. The water basin in front of the fountain is guarded by winged dragons, a figure quite commonly found in his work.”. You can read amore about the history of the park here and what other attractions there are.

After Bill and I had wandered around for a bit we ordered a beer from a nearby stand and just sat and watched the waterfall. It was especially entertaining because there are entertainers who make homemade bubble nets that make endless amounts of bubbles (really, really cool), and we just watched children AND adults get excited over. Really great people watching for sure! 

Parc de la Ciutadella is a place that you could spend a half hour or 3 hours depending on what you’re looking for. If you just want to see the sites you can quickly walk through, snap a picture in front of the foundation, and be on your way. Otherwise you can do what Bill and I did, and just relax. It also is very large. I believe it is the largest park in Barcelona, so there is endless room to sit and have a picnic, which I wish we had known about before our last day! Overall it is a place I would definitely recommend.

A quick mention on my outfit. I actually bought this dress while we were in Barcelona. I went into Zara to see what cool European clothes there were and I just didn’t love anything. Needless to say I was a bit disappointed because Zara is from Spain so I figured I would strike gold! Just wasn’t meant to be. But then I found that Mango is also from Spain and had a huge store by where we were staying. I ended up finding SO many things I loved but I had self control and only got this dress and this coat. It is always fun coming back from vacation with new clothes!

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