Galentine’s Day: 6 Ideas On How To Celebrate!

Galentine's Day

Everyone knows the date February 14th but do you know about February 13th? 

It’s Galentine’s Day! 

What is Galentine’s Day you ask? It’s a day to celebrate your gals and all that is great in your friendships! Even if you can’t see your friends on Saturday you can still plan something to do during the week with them.

Need some ideas?

1. Take a workout class with your girlfriends.

My friends and I have taken to spending time together during the week this way. It’s a great way to combine seeing friends and getting in shape! We’ve been enjoying Pure Barre, boxing classes, and Soul Cycle but any workout class will do! Or even just go on a walk together, just get up and get moving!

2. Take a cooking class. 

Yes taking a cooking class with your significant other is fun and exciting but taking one with your girlfriends can be even better! I don’t know about you guys but one of my biggest flaws is getting annoyed at Bill for silly things. So when it comes to cooking together I can become a bittttt of a control freak whereas I wouldn’t get annoyed at my friends for the same things. Horrible, yet true. (Side note: I’m working on it, don’t worry!)

3. Host a wine tasting.

Not one of those fancy wine tastings but a more relaxed one. What I’m thinking is everyone bring a different bottle or everyone chip in and one person purchase a few and do your own mini tasting. It’s a fun way to find out what types of wines your friends like, plus a good excuse for a cheese platter because seriously cheese <3 Hey friends, lets actually do this because I love this idea and am not sure why I haven’t thought of it sooner!

4. Take a painting class.

I know these classes have been around for a while but I still find them so much fun! You’re combining friend time and wine while being artistic, such a win win (win?)! But don’t worry, even if you’re not into painting you can still have a great time!

5. Go shopping together.

Do I even need to explain this one? Shopping just makes everything better!

6. Not in the mood to be active?

Then go get good old fashioned drinks and dinner and enjoy not having to do any work! There’s a reason this is still the most popular activity, just saying. 


What do you plan to do with your Galentine’s?