Gift Guide For The Bar Cart For Under $50

To start off, sorry my posting schedule has been all over the place this week. It’s kind of nice posting Tuesday-Thursday because after traveling most weekends it gives me Monday to sit down and write and if I decide to take a night off during the week I can post on Friday to make up for it! I’ll do my best to keep consistent though!

Okay onto today’s post! I know alcohol isn’t for everyone so I’m sorry if this doesn’t apply to all of you, but for everyone else, alcohol and alcohol related gifts tend to be a big hit. I know its personally my go to when I’m not sure what to bring because a bottle of wine goes a long way and most appreciate it. However, sometimes I want to get a little bit more creative, plus not everyone has a full bar cart so these additional pieces are always welcomed! 

Bar Cart

                          1) Cocktail Shaker  2) Cocktail Jigger  3) Highball Glasses 4) IceBucket                                        5) Margarita Set 6) Wine Charms 7) Stemless Wine Glasses 8) Carafe                                      9) “Wine A Little You’ll Feel Better” Cork Catcher

For a bar cart you obviously need different types of glasses to drink out of, wine glasses for wine and highball glasses for mixed drinks. Having a margarita night? Well then margarita glasses and a cute little pitcher will do the trick! Bill and I actually registered for that exact margarita set and thanks to my wonderful cousin Kelsey we are now the proud owners! Anyone interested in a taco Tuesday night?!

Then, to mix the drinks you’ll need a jigger to measure out the amount of alcohol and a shaker to shake it all up! Having the right tools on hand not only make it a lot easier to whip up the perfect drink but they also make you look like a professional while doing it! An ice bucket is a necessity because unless it’s red wine or a hot toddy who wants a warm drink?

Now onto the wine! The carafe allows your wine to breathe and also make it look pretty. Hey, I’m just being honest! Cute wine charms? Check! These adorable charms not only make your wine glass look fun but they also allow all of your guests to correctly identity their own drink, although after a few glasses you can’t always be too sure… Lastly, a cheeky cork catcher is the perfect decoration for your (now full) bar cart. I personally like to write the date or a little phrase to know where the bottles are from whenever I remember to. 

Now this might not go on the bar cart but I figured it was worth mentioning as well because who wouldn’t want a brew your own beer kit? It’s a great way to impress your friends and an excuse to have said friends over, so a win win!