Gifts For The Working Girl Under $50

I don’t know about you guys but I love a cute desk/work area. I think it makes it so much easier to work and feel good about being there when you like your space. I already have my future office closet planned out, right down to what colors and what will be on the desk. You know those amazing rooms that have clothing racks everywhere and a perfect little workspace? One day, one day. 

The only problem is so much of the cute desk things are just so expensive! I don’t know about you guys but I’m not made of money but I sure like cute things. So here is a list of my favorite gifts for the working girl for under $50! 

Working Girl

1. “Keep It Toegther” Clear Acrylic Stapler/ 2. “Let’s Do Lunch” Business Card Holder/      3. 2016 Agenda/ 4. Why The F**K Not Me Print/ 5. Monogramed Leopard Note Cards/ 6. Gold Stripe Notebook/ 7. Don’t Be Like The Rest Of Them Print/ 8. White Lacquer Tray/ 9. Small Topiary 

I am such a big fan of clear desk supplies, especially this cute stapler. There is just something so clean about it and it matches any color scheme you pick! By picking a gold agenda, notebook and notecards you’re able to pick up the gold inside the stapler to have a streamlined look.

The pink background of the photo adds a little color to the desk, plus pink and gold are just so dreamy right? I’m a big fan of inspirational quotes so I love having two different ones as a reminder to keep going after it!

I’m not always the best at keeping plants alive, I’m working on that one, so in the meantime this adorable fake topiary will do the trick! Sometimes fake plants can be just as great as the real kind. 

Then, my desk tends to get a tad bit messy, it’s that whole creative mind thing right? So this tray is the perfect catchall for all of my random paper overflow. Or you can set up a cute little display on your tray. 

Lastly, all work isn’t done at your desk so an adorable business card holder with a cute phrase is the perfect thing to bring out to all of your meetings! Who wouldn’t want to work with you when you are just so professional? 

What desk supplies do you guys love?