Gray Open Back Cardigan

Gray Open Back Cardigan-black flats-Sequins & Strawberries

Gray open back cardigan: Project Social T// Black Distressed jeans: Zara, old but I love these// Kitty flats: Similar here// Crushed velvet purse: Asos// Lipstick: Chanel in ‘Shocking Pink’ // Necklace: Park Lane Jewelry (c/o)

Alright internet fam we’ve made it to Thursday! One of my goals for 2017 was to not wish time away. I felt like the past few years were a constant cycle of “just make it to x day and everything will be calmer and you can do spur of the moment things”. Well x day has come and I’m going to enjoy it to it’s fullest! That doesn’t mean I won’t be excited each week when Friday rolls around!

There’s a pretty park over by Bill and my apartment so we took advantage of the warmer weather this past Saturday and made our way over to explore it.  From there we made our way to Sugarfina, which if you haven’t tried then you need to. Then, to the Met! We didn’t go with any particular exhibit in mind, just to wander around. That place is HUGE! We barely covered any of it in 2 hours so we will for sure be going back again. Then, we went down to the LES to my friends apartment and had a nice lowkey evening with her and my sister. All in all I’d say it was a great Saturday that had a bit of a mix of everything! 

Now onto more important things, like this amazing gray open back cardigan. Whatever you do ladies do not ask a mans opinion on this sweater because they will just not understand it. The whole morning Bill kept making jokes about my sweater being on backwards but come on we all know how amazing an open back is. Much more subtly sexy and intriguing than a plunging front right? I might be biased because of the whole #IBTC but I will never stop buying every article of clothing with an interesting back. Plus these buttons are just gorgeous!

Also, this purse is just so cute! I’ve talked about it a few times already (here and here) but it has already sold out once and been restocked and is now low on stock again. It is only $38 and SO cute! People have mistaken it for Chanel but it’s like 1% of the cost. Plus it’s crushed velvet and I’m so into that right now!

What do you guys think about open back tops and crushed velvet right now? Loving them like me or just not feeling it?

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