Gray Sweater In The Snow

gray sweater-in-the-snow-fashion-blogger-sequins-strawberries

Sweater: Asos (Only $38!)// Jeans: 7FAM// Scarf: Etsy (Only $30!)// Boots: LLBean// Clutch: Gray Monroe (Only $40!)

Ugh I failed at my first week posting in 2017! Already off my schedule, but I do have a good excuse, I promise! I went to a workout class for the first time since before the wedding so I’d call that progress! I was so exhausted that I passed out that night basically right after we ate dinner. But this weeks third post will be up for Friday since we missed Wednesday. 

This is the outfit I wore running around Saturday before we went to the Bullriding event, which I talked about earlier this week here. Guys..this sweater is amazing! It’s only $38, which is an actual steal! Plus, it’s really soft and the pattern is so pretty. Normally a gray sweater can be kind of boring but the detailing on this one makes it really special. I love how the pattern is different on the body of the sweater as opposed to the arms, such a fun addition! 

I can imagine it looking nice with just about any color but I’m particularly loving it with the hunter green. But then again, doesn’t hunter green look good with everything?! My favorite way to wear a blanket scarf without looking super bulky and bundled is folded on a diagonal (so it makes a triangle) and then draped over your shoulder like a shawl. You still get a ton of warmth without looking like you’re going on a ski expedition. Which might I add is how I look going to work every morning ha!

I also cannot rave about these LLBean boots more! I’ve already talked about them here, but I just need to again. When we took these photos it was about, oh I don’t know, 15 degrees? Plus, you can tell the snow is coming down pretty hard here. And my feet were really warm, dry and I did not slip!

Did you get a ton of snow by you this weekend too?

gray sweater-in-the-snow-blogger-sequins-strawberriesgray sweater-in-the-snow-blanket-scarf-sequins-strawberriesgray sweater-in-the-snow-cheetah-purse-closeup-sequins-strawberriesgray sweater-in-the-snow-gray-sweater-sequins-strawberries
gray sweater-in-the-snow-llbean-boots-sequins-strawberriesgray sweater-in-the-snow-nyc-sequins-strawberries gray sweater-in-the-snow-jeans-sequins-strawberriesgray sweater-in-the-snow-outtake-sequins-strawberries
gray sweater-in-the-snow-snowing-sequins-strawberries

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