How To Be A Great Weekend Packer

great weekend packer

Shoes: J. Crew (Same shoe, different color)// Purse: Louis Vuitton Neverfull in size MM// Duffel: Louis Vuitton (I’m also a big fan of the Vera Bradley duffel bags, they fit SO much!)

Being in a long distance relationship for so long resulted in a lot of packing for weekend trips, so I think it’s safe to say that after 2 years of that I became somewhat of a great weekend packer. These skills have also traveled over to bigger trips where I can now pack for a vacation in a carry-on bag. The key is to remind yourself that you do not need a ton of extra outfits and that things can be worn more than once.

I really struggled with this in the beginning. I used to drive up to Bill’s with about 6 different bags and still feel like I was forgetting things. Which I did end up doing half the time anyways. I eventually learned that I wasn’t ever going to have my full wardrobe and to deal with it and make the best of the situation. Well fast forward to now and I think I have a better handle on it all.

Here is my sure fire way to be a great weekend packer! 

  1. Start by writing down Day/Night for each of the days you’re away for.
  2. Under each heading write in what you think you would want to wear, right down to the accessories and if there is any special makeup.
  3. In another column I write down all of the necessities: pajamas, toiletries, money, hair things, etc. That column is things that you would bring on every trip with you and won’t change from trip to trip. I had actually started just keeping them in one of those gigantic ziplock bags so I would always have it together. For normal people who aren’t traveling every other weekend you could just make a bag full of carry on sized products to always have ready.
  4. After writing everything down go through it again and see if there is anything you can remove and have something else that will be packed in its place, such as removing a pair of shoes and wearing the same pair with two outfits. This might seem like common sense but it really took me a while to break the habit of a different pair of shoes for every outfit.
  5. When you feel like you have your list down start finding the different pieces you want to pack. Put every piece in a pile on your floor and cross them off as you place them in the pile. This lets you see what you are still missing and if you are washing something it makes it so you don’t forget to add it to the pile once it’s clean.
  6. Once everything is there lay out all of the outfits, this helps you to make sure nothing was left off your list or if there is anything you can remove.
  7. When everything is picked out you are ready to start packing the suitcase to make sure everything fits. I’ve found the best way to pack for maximum space is to roll everything. The, if the suitcase is too full or too heavy unpack and look at the outfits again. This normally results in another pair of shoes being removed, unfortunately!
  8. Lastly, pack up your purse with any jewelry, sunglasses, regular glasses, wallet, phone charger and anything else you’re worried will break if it gets jostled around. It’s also a good idea to throw in an easy snack, a water bottle (if you’re flying bring an empty one to fill up once you’re through security), some sort of reading material, and headphones for when you don’t want to talk to anyone want to listen to music.


What are your favorite tricks to being a great weekend packer?