Green For St. Patrick’s Day

This past weekend I went out Friday and Saturday which just does not happen for me. I think my body kind of went into shock and I was out for commission on Sunday and kind of Monday. I’m not sure if it was the going out, that I’m just worn down lately or because I ate dairy for the first time in like a month when I’m not supposed to. But whatever it was I thought I scheduled this post to go up and apparently didn’t actually schedule it. So here you go, a few hours late.

As I’m sure you can tell from my pale skin and red hair I have a bit of Irish heritage in me. I love St. Patrick’s Day because this is the only day of the year that being pale is cool and Irish soda bread is the shiz, plus green is just really flattering. This year my actual March 17th plans are kind of lame, just taking a Pure Barre class but I will be celebrating this weekend at my towns annual parade. After the parade everyone goes to the various bars in town where I kid you not signs are posted that say ‘please leave your strollers outside”. Which clearly always means a good time 😉 

Besides the food and the fun my favorite part about St. Patrick’s Day is dressing up. When I was younger I went all out but now my goal is to look like a normal person while still clearly wearing green and celebrating. Here are a few ideas I have in mind for this Thursday/Saturday! Green jeans has been my go to the past few years so I think I’m leaning towards the dress but I’m not positive! 

St. Patrick's Day Green Ideas