Grey Romper

Grey Romper-Romper

Romper: ASTR and it also comes in a dress version// Heels: Steve Madden (Under $90! Comes in a few colors in both suede and leather, mine are the suede ones)//              Purse: Chanel // Earrings: They were a gift so I’m not sure but these are very pretty and similar!

Being 5’9″ I have so many issues when it comes to rompers. Normally they are either too short, the sleeves aren’t long enough, the waist is too high or all of the above. But this ASTR grey romper actually works and I was very happy about it! I also really liked how it wasn’t super bright and summery (which is shocking for me haha) but this way I can wear it in the winter with tights and get even more use out of it!

This summer I already bought a tan pair of heels which unfortunately they’re all sold out right now but they do come in other colors and I can honestly say they’re sooo comfortable! So yes tan does go with basically everything I still wanted a pair of black heels for the summer. I was iffy on this pair because they are pretty high but they are surprisingly pretty comfortable and easy to walk in, which definitely has to do with the thick heel. I haven’t worn them yet for a super extended period of time but I plan to wear them this weekend and will report back to you all next week!

What are all of your Memorial Day Weekend plans?! Three day weekends are the absolute greatest things ever! You have Friday night to stay in and rest, Saturday and Sunday to go out and have fun, and then Monday to get all of your stuff done! Or whatever order you want haha! This weekend we’re going to my friend Kelly’s on the beach Saturday then into the city for brunch with my sister Sunday! All very fun things!

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