Groupon Coupons - Sequins & Strawberries

I love deals. I know who doesn’t love a deal but I hardly ever buy anything full price. I just do not see a reason when you can almost always either a) find the same thing for a cheaper price somewhere else or b) google , for example, “Gap Coupon 2015”. Does anyone else do that every time they order something online?

For this reason I am a big Groupon fan. I get so excited when a deal comes up for something I’ve either been wanting to do or a restaurant I’ve been wanting to try. I think I like “deal dates” even more than I like spontaneous dates, and you guys know how much I like those!

Well Groupon has now come out with a new section of their site called Groupon Coupon, which basically just makes the Groupon site that much better! Currently there are 75,105 free coupons from 8,948 different stores! Unlike regular Groupon, with Groupon Coupons the coupons are completely free, meaning you do not have to buy a deal in advance to reap the benefits. I really like that you can search by store and category, as well as by the featured deals. This feature is nice because you can either find a specific store that you are ordering something from or just browse for “Restaurants & Bars” or “Event Tickets“. Because honestly, who wouldn’t be more inclined to plan a fun-filled date night if it wasn’t going to break the bank?

A few great “Deal Date” ideas I found while searching were:

Under “Event Tickets“:

-$9 Mets Tickets

-Saving $26 on tickets to Six Flags theme parks

-52% Off All-Inclusive Rooftop Party For Chicago Cubs Game

-$10 Off a Spartan Race

Then, for those nights that you don’t want to go out or cook and just want to watch Netflix all night, there are a ton of Domino’s delivery options under “Restaurants & Bars“. Hey I didn’t say a date had to be healthy!

I stuck with my theme of “Deal Date” night but there are a ton of other great categories to check out, such as: Cleaning Products, Diet & Fitness, Party Supplies, Babies & Kids, Department Stores, and Free Samples. Make sure to head to the Groupon Coupons site to get a full listing of coupons available, it won’t disappoint!

*This post was sponsored by Groupon CouponsĀ but all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Sequins & Strawberries possible!