The Book Is Better

book was better-t shirtShirt: Shein (c/o) (Only $12!)// Jeans: AG (Old but these jeans are really similar and cute, only , on sale for $59!)// Shoes: Halogen (On sale for $60 and they come in 6 colors)// Earrings: Panacea (Only $18!)// Bracelet: Kate Spade (On sale for $50 and comes in 4 stone colors!) 

Okay lets just cut to the chase, this shirt from Shein is probably the most true shirt ever. The book is ALWAYS better, amiright?! As far back as I can remember I have been a bookworm. There is just something so entertaining about getting lost in another world or someone else’s life. While I definitely enjoy movies and TV shows, what you are watching is already someone else’s vision, whereas with books you get to picture what the characters look like and what the setting should be. Maybe it’s the creative side in me but I absolutely love that. 

The Harry Potter series was one of those instances where I truly loved both the books and the movies but was happy that I read the books before seeing the movies. Not only did the books give you a great deal more info so you really felt like you knew the characters, but you were also able to truly get lost in the books and picture everyone how they were described by J.K. Rowling. I was that person who went at midnight each time a new book in the series was released and refused to put the book down until it was finished by the end of the next day. 

While I absolutely adored the Harry Potter series I tend to drift more towards love stories or comedies when selecting books. I really do my best to not read sad stories because life is hard enough as it is, so when I get the time to actually curl up with a good book I want to get lost in something happy and entertaining.

With that being said, does anyone have any good book recommendations?! 

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