Healthy Nails With A Chemical Free Polish

As I get older I’m becoming more aware of what I put in my body. I make sure to drink a ton of water, eat more fruits and vegetables, and try to stay away from sugar and other unhealthy things. I also make sure to wear sunscreen, workout(sometimes, oy!) and I do my best to get enough sleep.

So then why when it comes to products am I so nonchalant about them? Shouldn’t it be just as important what goes on my body as what goes in? I don’t forsee myself throwing out all of my beauty products and replacing them right away. That isn’t just a huge hassel but also really expensive. Any girl (or guy!) who has done a haul at Sephora knows those itty bitty products add up fast! 

Instead I’m going to slowly start incorporating healthier and more natural alternatives into my life, starting with Dr. Dana nail polish. I was hesitant to try it at first because I truly love the polishes I already have, but I figured, why not? Ladies, I’m just going to throw this right out there and say these are amazing! 

I had stopped using regular polish for a while because I just could not stand the constant chipping. It felt like the second my nails were painted I’d instantly see a chip, or a thousand. But I couldn’t keep up with gel. First off, the cost. Enough said there ha! I also knew in my head that both that UV light and the filing of the nails to make them course was terrible. I justified it for a while but I had to give it up. 

I digressed a bit but what I’m trying to get to is I painted my nails with the Quincy color last Friday and now it is 5 days later and they’re still holding up! I did use both the Hydrating Base Coat and Quick Dry Top Coats so I would make sure to get those also. The polish went on really smooth and the Quick Dry Top Coat dried them faster than any I’ve used before. I painted them at the beginning of a 1 hour TV show and by the time the show ended I felt like they were out of that smudge time. I know that  might sound like a long time but anytime I paint my nails at home it feels like it takes them all night to be that dry. Next investment, one of those nail drying machines ha! @bill, can you put that on my Christmas list? It’s definitely what our one bedroom apartment needs!

Now that I have successfully rambled on about my experience with nail polish let me give you a little information on Dr. Dana nail polishes. Dr. Dana Stern is an expert on how to achieve healthy nails while also avoiding exposure to harmful and toxic chemicals. It took her 6 years to create these nail polishes free of, just to name a few, Formaldehyde, Phthalates, Toluene, Xylene, and Parabens. Honestly if I can’t pronounce something, it makes me really iffy to want to continue using products that have these ingredients. 

Lastly, I love that each polish was “Created with, and named for, inspirational and accomplished women who are at the top of their field, and whose nail health and beauty is essential to their career”. #GirlPower! 

The product was given to me by Dr. Dana to try but all opinions are my own. I truly enjoyed these polishes!

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