How To Wear Your Spring Dress Now

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I am getting such an itch to start wearing my spring clothes. The very end of February/beginning of March always brings this out in me. I’ve just finally reached my end with the cold in NY and having to constantly bundle up.

So how am I dealing with this? Well I’m still bundling, but just in a different way now. I really wanted to wear this new spring dress, the color really just caught my eye! But realistically if I wore it on its on I would freeze my tush off, even with these warmer temps we’ve been experiencing. So instead of being cold all day I threw on my trusty black turtleneck, a pair of black tights and black knee high boots to tie the whole look together! 

Layering a turtleneck under a spring dress is the easiest, and most effective, way to start wearing it now. You don’t necessarily have to wear a solid colored sweater either. I think a fun striped or patterned turtleneck would look adorable with this solid colored dress. The first type that is coming to mind for me right now is a floral patterned one for some reason, even though I don’t have own one ha! I think it’s because this whole look has a somewhat 70’s vibe going on, which we all know is a common theme for me lately. 

This spring dress is from the clothing company Project Social T and I’ve become such a big fan! I’ve recently worn their grey sweater and their drinking of you tank. I love how their pieces aren’t busy. I know that sounds weird but sometimes it’s just nice to have amazing pieces that can be mixed and matched with endless options. I feel like they were just made to add to wardrobes as those go to pieces to help create more use out of everything else in your closet. They essentially have made those missing link pieces that you’re always on the search for. 

Take this orange dress for example. I can wear it now with my black turtleneck look and then in a month or so with an army print jacket and ankle booties. Then, when summer hits it will be equally cute thrown on over a bathing suit while on vacation as paired with a pair of nude wedges and a top knot (which is not quite possible with my hair yet ha!). 

A few other pieces that I love from their collection to be those “missing links” in your wardrobe are this tank top, this bodysuit, this dress, this tshirt, and this wrap top. I also think the prices are all really reasonable for the quality of the clothing. We all know how important this is in an age of $200 t-shirts that you can’t imagine paying for or $10 t-shirts that fall apart in one wash. 

Okay I’m off to go watch the Academy Awards. I’ll probably only make it about an hour in, I really just cannot sit and watch these shows for too long. Does anyone else have a really short award show attention span?

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Photos by: Allie Provost