Iggy's 2- Sequins & StrawberriesIggy's 4- Sequins & StrawberriesIggy's 3- Sequins & StrawberriesIggy's 5- Sequins & StrawberriesIggy's 1- Sequins & StrawberriesWow has this been an amazing week (plus a few days)! Thank you to all of my friends and family for celebrating and being there for Bill and I, we love you all sooo much! And thank you to all my new blog friends, your kind words have been so amazing to read, it really added to the excitement!

When we were in Rhode Island we went to this wonderful little restaurant called Iggy’s. If you are ever in Narragansett you have to go, it is just so delicious. Healthy, not so much, but boy did we enjoy ourselves! Bill and I ordered one of the Seafood platters to share, an order of dough boys because you have to while you’re there, and two of their homemade sodas. The seafood platter was moreee than enough food for the two of us. It came with a cup of chowder or a salad, Bill got the New England clam chowder, fried fish, fried shrimp, fried clams, fried scallops, french fries and coleslaw, and then we also added on curly fries because why not? We were celebrating!

The place itself is really charming. There is indoor seating but you can also order at the window and eat outside. We went during lunch when it wasn’t super crowded but apparently the lines goes all the way down the block at peak dinner times. But that just goes to show how good it is! They are building a new fancier restaurant next door but I’m not sure if the original stand will stay or not. I guess we shall see!

Have any of you ever been to Iggy’s?