Kennebunkport, Maine: What To Do & Where To Eat

What to do and where to eat in kennebunkport Maine

If you follow me on Instagram then you know we were just in Kennebunkport, Maine with my family and loved it! It was such a cute town, I want to go back already! Since there was 14 of us we rented a house instead of staying at a hotel and it worked out great! There are a ton of rental houses in the area for you to chose from.

Where to eat in Kennebunkport: 

If you like seafood you’ll be in absolute heaven in Kennebunkport. I think it goes without saying that you need to have lobster at least once while there. The lobster was so fresh, it was incredible! I made sure that each time we went out to eat I got seafood because-why not?!

  • The Clam Shack
    • We LOVED the food at the Clam Shack. It is a walk up window that had the best lobster rolls (pictured above). There was a full lobster on the roll, which I don’t feel like ever happens. I think mine had the full tail, it was so good! Bill and I were in Kennebunkport for half the time as my family so we only went once but they went back a few times because the food was delicious, there were a bunch of options, and it was very kid friendly since it’s picnic tables outside.
  • Maybel’s Lobster Claw
    • Bill and I went here one day on our own because everywhere we went people recommended it. We thought the staff was really friendly and quick and the lobster rolls were really good. Only downside is that there isn’t really any parking over there so unless you live close enough to walk it’s a little inconvenient. Across the street were really cute stores too! 
  • Pilot House Restaurant
    • A few of us went here for dinner our first night in Kennebunkport and we had a blast! We went on a Saturday around 5ish and were drawn in because of the live music outside. It was a really fun atmosphere because people of all ages were dancing and enjoying themselves! We chose to eat inside and it was still a pretty lively crowd in there as well. I got the fish tacos and really enjoyed them! 
  • Federal Jack’s Restaurant & Brew House
    • Not every restaurant can be a hit so I want to be honest with you all. We really were not happy with Federal Jack’s. We went because of a recommendation and were told to go early because it gets very crowded. The food was okay, some of us liked our meals more than others. The service was not good though. Yes we were with a big group but no where else was even close to as slow as here and the waiter was just inconsiderate. One example is french flies fell off one of our plates onto his tray and he picked them up with his hands and threw them back on the plate! That’s a big no-no in my eyes!
  • Pier 77 Restaurant
    • My family went here for lunch before Bill and I got to Kennebunkport but they absolutely loved it. My sister Meghan said this was her favorite restaurant of the trip. We wanted to go back but they were completely full, so I’d recommend making a reservation ahead of time. They said the service was as good as the food and everyone could not have been more helpful.
  • Aunt Marie’s Ice Cream Shop
    • There were ice cream shops literally everywhere in Kennebunkport, which you know we frequented! My family ended up at Aunt Marie’s the most often because it was a walk up window on our walk home. Everyone loved it! 
  • Earth
    • I thought Earth was worth mentioning because we all received sooo many recommendations to go there. We didn’t end up making it to Earth because we were with such a big group of people and so many children, but hopefully we make it back one day! 
  • DiMillo’s Restaurant & Lounge
    • DiMillo’s is actually in Portland but we went here for dinner one night. It’s on a giant boat but you don’t feel like you’re on a boat-no swaying or anything. The food was delicious, I got the Fried Fisherman’s Platter and it was unreal! The service was also really fast and everyone was so friendly and helpful. We went with 16 people. 5 of which were children, and they happily accommodated us! It’s also located on a block with a ton of cute stores and restaurants!

What to do in Kennebunkport:

  • Go to the beach
    • We went to the beach one day and had a great time but we only went one day. The beach was pretty rocky and the water is COLD, but it is still a beach so we had fun! We walked from the house we were staying at but I would look into driving as well since it was a bit of a trek for us.
  • Walk or drive along Ocean Avenue 
    • We actually did both! We walked along Ocean Avenue to get to the beach and then drove so we could go farther and see St. Ann’s Episcopal Church (beautiful church right on the peak by the beach, really worth it to go visit, even if just for the views) and the Bush compound. 
  • Lobster tour boat ride
    • Bill and I weren’t there for the boat ride but my family thought it was enjoyable. It was very reasonably priced and was extremely kid friendly. Adults were $20 and kids were $15 for an hour and a half boat ride. On the boat you learn about lobster fishing, you get to hold a live lobster (the kids loved that part!), and see Kennebunkport’s maine (had to, sorry ha!) attractions, but this time from the water! This includes going past former President Bush’s compound, which I hear the views are even better from the water!
  • Cute stores in town
    • I thought the actual town area of Kennebunkport was so cute! It really was an upscale beach town. What I mean by that is it wasn’t just tchotchke’s but also cute clothes and lots of gorgeous galleries. 
  • The boardwalk
    • We also missed going to the boardwalk but some of my family went and they enjoyed it. The games and rides weren’t actually on the boardwalk, they were instead in front of it in a parking lot. They said it was good for both big and little kids because there were rides and games for both, so very family friendly. There are a few bars and restaurants on the pier, where they stopped for a drink and they said the beach itself looked fun because it had waves and lots of people. 
  • Outlets in Freeport
    • We have been to a bunch of different outlet locations but my mom thinks this is by far the best. They’re about a 45 minute drive from Kennebunkport so it makes for a nice day trip. In particular I’d recommend going to the LL Bean Flagship store, which is open 365 days a year!, the Vineyard Vines is huge, and it was the best J.Crew Factory store. 

If you have any other questions about Kennebunkport let me know, I’d be happy to try to answer them!

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