LINK LOVE : 3.13.15


One of the things I love the most about the blogging world is how supportive bloggers are of one another. It seems like every blogger has a group of blogger(how many times can I say blogger?!) friends that they do fun things with. I was honestly so surprised to see how encouraging people are of one another since it seems in life there is just too much bringing people down instead of raising them up.

Soooo with that being said, here is a roundup of my latest favorite posts from different amazing bloggers. Enjoy!

  • Love this dressĀ 
  • Anyone want to make these with me Sunday?
  • I bought this the other day and am very excited to start trying it!
  • How amazing is this HP Spout computer?!
  • Definitely want to try these jeans. Bonus, they’re under $100, even under $90!

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend and a very lucky Friday the 13th!