Things To Do On Long Island- Visit The Ketcham Inn Book Barn

Ketcham Inn Book Barn

I’ve lived here forever but I am constantly finding new and beautiful places on Long Island to explore!

Dress: Target (Only $26!) // Sandals: Sam Edelman  // Necklace: Charming Charlie –Only $20! (c/o) //Backpack: Tory Burch (Similar here) // Hat: Jcrew (Only $35 AND it comes in black too-which I have!)

This past weekend Bill and I ventured Outeast on Long Island for my friends birthday. Driving out there we stumbled upon the cutest used book store and had to check it out. The old building, barn and giant American flags definitely caught our eye!

From a young age my mom ingrained in me a love for history and old houses. I grew up being involved in my towns local historical society, so when we learned that this building was owned by the Ketcham Inn Foundation and everything earned was going to restore the beautiful buildings that they had acquired, I knew I wanted to learn more. 

Now for a little history! The Ketcham Inn was established in 1710 and in 1791, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison lodged here while on a trip to visit General William Floyd. There is actually a plaque when you pull up to the Book Barn! The Ketcham Inn Foundation owns a few other properties but unfortunately this was the only one we were able to make it to that day. They include the Havens Ketcham Cultural Visitor Center, the Terrell River Suffolk County Park Preserve, Smith Farm, John Scudder Havens Homestead, and the Mary E. Bell House. All of the information you need to visit can be found here. Also, all proceeds from the Book Barn go towards the different renovations! 

Now for my outfit deets! I’ve been on a real Target kick if you can’t tell from today’s dress and this post. I’m loving it for pieces that I don’t necessarily NEED to invest in. Such as cute sundresses! This wrap dress has gotten a lot of wear over the past few weeks since it’s so easy to dress it up or down! Plus, the material is really, really soft and breezy!

I’m sorry if you’ve seen these same accessories over and over again but they’ve been my go to’s for good reason. This summer I switched to carrying a backpack to work. It makes the commute so much better when it is super hot and I just don’t want to exert extra energy into holding my heavy purse. I could just carry less but that’s just not realistic!

I’ve had this hat since last summer and continue to reach for it. Plus Jcrew continues to restock it, so you KNOW it’s good! My favorite part about it-it doesn’t get crushed in my (over stuffed) bag! 

Now for my sandals and necklace. They’re both such simple and classic pieces that are just meant to be worn over and over again. I’ve constantly been grabbing for both since they go with everything! You’ll definitely be seeing both for the rest of the summer!

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