This month I decided to participate in The B Bar’s blogger link up. I thought this would be a good opportunity to network with other bloggers and the idea of a link up seems fun.  So here goes nothing!


The future. Those are some pretty scary words. We’re always told to “live in the moment” but at the same time to prepare for our future. Whoever started each idea did not coordinate with one another because it’s kind of hard to do both. Unless you have zero financial troubles one will always push the other aside. In theory living in the moment seems like the best advice you can give someone, but is it actually realistic?

I would love to be one of those people who has no cares in the world and are ready to do things at a moments notice. Unfortunately I’m not. I plan, and then I plan again and then I over-plan that plan. But I am not a type A person. You’re probably confused now.  I don’t consider myself type A since my room looks like two twin tornados went through it. I do my best to keep it neat but I’m beginning to think it’ll never happen. I did take a quiz once and I got neither Type A or Type B, which might explain it all.

But back to my planning. Ask Bill, he calls me his secretary because I just love planning weeks out in advance. Which also translates to the real future, not just the next weekend. Maybe it’s because I grew up with a dad in finance, or because I also went into finance, but to me the future is all about security. Can you purchase that new house? Can you send your two kids to college? Can you comfortably retire?

As much as we don’t want it to be, the future is in the hands of our present selves. If we start saving now, life later on will be a lot easier. So what am I doing for my future? I’m saving. Whether it’s for a house or my retirement I’m trying to ease the pressure of the future by tackling it little by little, day by day.

If I can only give one piece of advice it would be to check if your company has a retirement matching program, because if you’re not utilizing it, you’re just throwing away free money. That is where your savings should be going. When you maxed out that amount, then start thinking about other ventures. But always, always be thinking of the future. Saving to make sure you’re okay if something were to ever happen is the most important thing you can do.

Hey if you’re not one thing then you’re the other, and if you’re not a planner then you’re one day going to wish you were.

Here’s to the future, cheers!

What are you doing for your future? Are you a planner like me or do you let things happen as they go along?

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  • Now I’m inspired to reevaluate my spending and save save save! I already save quite a bit, but you can ALWAYS save more.

    • susie@sequinsandstrawberries.com

      I know! That’s how I feel! Every time I put something into my online shopping cart I’m like no! I don’t need it!

  • Great advice, the one way student loans helped is learning how to properly manage funds and help my credit.

    xx Falasha
    Bite My Fashion ll Instagram ll Bloglovin’

    • susie@sequinsandstrawberries.com

      Thanks Falasha! Those are great skills to have!

  • I agree with your point about saving now for an easier future!!! My husband is the same way luckily! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

    • susie@sequinsandstrawberries.com

      Haha you always need one person in the relationship to be that way to get the other going!

  • Darcy

    Great advice! The match program is definitely something you need to take advantage of!

    • susie@sequinsandstrawberries.com

      Thanks Darcy! Silly not to take advantage of free money!

  • I’m like you – a total planner!

    Stay Styled,


    Instagram: stay_styled
    Blog: http://staystyledblog.com/

    • susie@sequinsandstrawberries.com

      Haha sometimes it’s great and other times it is not a blessing!

  • I definitely am always thinking of the future but also always trying to live in the moment as well! Balancing the two is for sure a challenge. Spending habits are a struggle of mine, so I am glad you touched upon it!

    Denise | Fashion Love Letters

    • susie@sequinsandstrawberries.com

      Definitely a hard balance! I wish I could do both but I just can’t get away from my planning haha!

  • Totally agree that improving the present helps improve our future. Goes hand in hand!

    • susie@sequinsandstrawberries.com

      Exactly! A good thing to remember when we’re shopping for something we really don’t need!

  • I could not agree more, checking to see if your company has a retirement matching program is exactly what you said = FREE MONEY! If you can, definitely do it.

    • susie@sequinsandstrawberries.com

      I know, I don’t know why anyone would ever turn down free money!

  • I like to think of myself as a go with the flow, non-planner; but when it comes down to it, I FREAK OUT when I don’t know what to expect. So I guess I’m working on embracing the planner in me so I can be more content when decisions need to be made.
    So true about your company’s match program — if I could tell my younger self anything, it would be save, save, save!

    • susie@sequinsandstrawberries.com

      I know, I’m going to make my kids start saving as young as possible to ingrain it in their minds! And we balance each other out, I need to work on going with the flow more and you need to work on planning

  • I’m such a planner and room messer too – totally understand!

    • susie@sequinsandstrawberries.com

      Haha I’m glad you’ve mastered this odd match also!

  • Mili

    Thinking about the future freaks me out. Planning seems like a great way to ease some of the stress 🙂


    • susie@sequinsandstrawberries.com

      It sure should help! If not I’m not sure what I’m doing with my time haha!

  • Our future selves will definitely be happy that we were thinking ahead and planning for retirement! Even though it can be challenging to contribute to our retirement funds when we’re young, I’m sure it’ll all be worth it!

    • susie@sequinsandstrawberries.com

      I really do hope so!

  • What a great link up! And such great advice. People (especially young people) don’t look too far into the future, and don’t realize how important savings is. Thank you for sharing!


    • susie@sequinsandstrawberries.com

      Thank you Jessica! I’m slowly learning just how important saving really is!

  • I’m trying so so hard to be a planner and be a saver. I know it’s in my best interest, but it’s not something that comes easy for me.
    xo Adri

    • susie@sequinsandstrawberries.com

      I go from being really good at saving to suddenly realizing I spent wayyyyy too much shopping haha!

  • I’m a planner at heart. So I feel you! Saving is so important and the sooner you start, the better :0

    • susie@sequinsandstrawberries.com

      Oh yeah! Something I definitely wish I had told my younger self!

  • Awesome linkup idea… I like this!

    All the Cute

    • susie@sequinsandstrawberries.com

      Thanks Amber, glad you like it!