How To Pick The Perfect Wedding Invitations

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I’ve found that wedding invitations mean something different to everyone. To Bill and I they were pretty important. We wanted something that was classic and elegant and I think we found it! Our invitations are the Charming Go Lightly from Minted and we loved them! We also got the Charming Go Lightly RSVP Cards and the Charming Go Lightly Reception Cards.

Overall we were very happy with the quality of the invitations, the customer service and the fact that Minted always has discounts. The one thing we didn’t love though was that the invitation only comes with one outer envelope. For some people this is fine but we wanted our invitations to be traditional and have the outside envelope where you put the recipients name and address and then the inside envelope with just their name. We had to track down our own envelopes and even our local printer wasn’t able to match them exactly. 

My favorite tips for finding the perfect wedding invitations:

  1. Take some time browsing to get a feel for all different styles of wedding invitations. You might think you love traditional styles and then realize your wedding Pinterest board is completely full of more casual ones. By the way, are we friends on Pinterest yet?!
  2. Once you and your fiance narrow down your style preference check out different invitation sites to see what is out there at this moment. You’ll also want to do this to compare prices. Some sites that we used throughout our wedding planning were Minted, Wedding Paper Divas, Etsy, and Paperless Post
  3. Which brings me to my next point: do not under any circumstance buy anything from any of these sites (minus Etsy) without waiting for a coupon or sale. I honestly felt like I got an email everyday from all of them offering a discount on something. Sometimes they were more specific, like 30% off monogrammed cocktail napkins and other times it was more generic, like 20% off your first order.
  4. Decide on the wording of your invitation and the additional pieces that go with it with your fiance. Don’t just surprise him or her and get just your parents name if he/she is under the impression that both sets of parents will be on it. Or maybe your fiance will want just your names or maybe it will read “Blank & Blank with their parents”. Whatever you decide just make sure it is what both of you will want and what your parents want.  
  5. Make sure to add in an accommodations card. This is where you list the different hotels where your room blocks are, if you are providing shuttles, and if you have a wedding website. This way if people aren’t web savvy they’ll still know where to book their room. Then, for everyone else they can check out your wedding website where you can put any additional important information for people. For example, if your wedding is on the grass let the ladies know so they have the option of wearing wedges or sandals instead of heels. 
  6. Save time writing and get a return address stamp. We bought this stamp with my parents address on it and I stamped all of the return envelopes. Not only did it look really nice but it was a much faster process than writing them all out. Plus it looked a little more personalized than getting them printed. 
  7. Register for a picture frame that holds your wedding photo and invitation. This might be personal preference but I can’t wait until we get our wedding photos back to put in the frame next to our wedding invitation. I also think it is something that your children and grandchildren will want as a memento as well.
  8. My last tip isn’t about the actual invitation but more so how to track your replies. The best way we found was to make an excel spreadsheet where you can store all of the information in one place. We used the columns: surname, first name, last name, address, invited (so you can total how many people you are overall inviting), and coming. This way you have everyones names and addresses in one place for invitations to all of the different wedding events and thank you cards. Plus you can save them and update it as people move so you’ll always have everyones addresses for holiday cards and such! 

Have anymore wedding invitation or any other wedding related question do not hesitate to email me at invitations-3-sequins-strawberries
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