One of the things I love about this blog is that it is encouraging me to get out and do more. This mentality is definitely transferring to what Bill and I do on the weekends also. Last weekend, on Memorial Day, we were sitting around and decided to throw together a last minute picnic. We basically put together anything we had that would travel well, which was the fruit from our American flag, Swedish fish, wine, and water. Not the fanciest of picnics but we had a great time.

Picnic -Sequins& Strawberries

Our makeshift picnic

Picnic 1 -Sequins& Strawberries

Lily Pulitzer Cooler Tote (With wine opener attached woohoo!)

Picnic 3 -Sequins& Strawberries

You go Bill!

Picnic 4-Sequins& Strawberries

This hat makes me so happy because it reminds me of Fordham and how Bill and I met at an alumni event!

Picnic 7 -Sequins& Strawberries

For entertainment we brought our books, mine was Melissa Rivers new book, “The Book of Joan”, and Bill’s was “Pedro” by Pedro Martinez and Michael Silverman. We also brought paddle ball to get in a little exercise while there. Lastly, we brought Bill’s Bluetooth speakers to liven up the mood. Every good picnic has music, right?

Picnic 5 -Sequins& StrawberriesAlways sun protection, this one is Coppertone’s Clearly Sheer SPF 50. What’s nice about it is that it’s non greasy so you can wear it anywhere.

Book of Joan c/o (I’ll do a review soon, don’t you worry!)

JCrew Hat ( I loveee this hat, it doesn’t get crushed for some reason)//Kate Spade Sunglasses//Kate Spade Sandals

Picnic 6-Sequins& Strawberries

L.L. Bean Tote//Paddle Ball Set

Another great option if you’re on a time constraint is to pick up sandwiches or pre-made salads on the way. Not every picnic has to be completely thought out. I’m a firm believer that it really is who you’re with that makes the day, not where you are or what you have. So the next chance you get, throw together what you have and head out for a picnic with some great company!

Picnic 10-Sequins& Strawberries

My picnic attire

Kensie Dress (Recently bought but I cannot find it online anywhere!): Similar here//Jcrew Hat//Kate Spade Sandals

Picnic 13-Sequins& Strawberries
Picnic 11-Sequins& StrawberriesPicnic 12-Sequins& StrawberriesPicnic 14-Sequins& Strawberries

Isn’t he the best?!

Bill’s outfit:

Lacoste Button Down//Jcrew Shorts (Old): But I like this color//Fordham Hat