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Red Camera Case-long strap bag-Sequins & StrawberriesCamera Bag: Jill-E Designs (c/o)// Leather Jacket: Trouve // Tank Top: ASOS (only $12.50!) //Jeans: 7FAM //Heels: so old but similar here 

How freaking cute is this red camera case?! My old one was a dumpy looking black one that I bought from the camera store when I originally bought my camera. It was so bulky and while it would be great if I were to carry around an additional lens, I just do not need that much space. 

I’m SO excited now to carry around this one! It is the perfect size to fit my Cannon 60D with the lens on it and my battery charger. There’s also a mesh pocket where I can keep extra memory cards and a front pocket where you can fit your cell phone, money, ID, lipstick, etc. For 2017 Bill and I want to continue exploring Manhattan and really learn it. We also want to travel a lot more, so this adorable red camera case will be getting a ton of use! I can’t wait to document all of our explorations for all of you! 

If this red camera case isn’t for you Jill-E Designs makes a few different options, all of which are padded on the inside like this one, which you can find here.  They also make really great purses that have sections for your laptop AND you can charge from them. How cool is that?! One of my favorite things about the blog is learning about different and extremely cool companies that I might never have known before. In all honestly I am truly so happy with this red camera case! It is just so perfect for where I am in life right now and I’m super excited to use it more!

It’s first trip came with me yesterday to my grandmas 92nd birthday, which if you follow me on Instagram (are we friends?!), you would have seen I was going to. It was a very special day spent with family celebrating an amazing woman! We were saying we can’t wait to celebrate her 93rd! 

Oh and ps, this tank is my new favorite. I think I’ve worn it at least 10 times since I bought it. It’s from ASOS and guess what? It’s only $12.50! Yup you read that right, $12.50! How pretty is the strappy detailing? Plus, it is pretty long so I find it to be very flattering and perfect for layering under coats and cardigans. Highly recommend! 

Red Camera Case-fashion blogger-Sequins & StrawberriesRed Camera Case-black strappy tank top-Sequins & StrawberriesRed Camera Case-camera bag-Sequins & StrawberriesRed Camera Case-Inside of camera bag-Sequins & StrawberriesRed Camera Case-camera case-Sequins & StrawberriesRed Camera Case-gray leather coat-Sequins & StrawberriesRed Camera Case-Iphone Inside of camera bag-Sequins & StrawberriesRed Camera Case-short hair-Sequins & StrawberriesRed Camera Case-Jill E Bag-Sequins & Strawberries

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