Sandals La Source Grenada: Honeymoon Review

Sandals La Source GrenadaFor our honeymoon Bill and I went to Sandals La Source Grenada and absolutely loved it! It was everything we could have wanted…and more!

After planning our wedding we were both just mentally and physically drained, so the idea of going somewhere we had to site see just wasn’t what we wanted. All we could picture was laying on a beach, drink in hand, and no worries in the world! 

Where we stayed and why we recommend butler services:

Sandals La Source GrenadaWe were in LOVE with our hotel room- if you can even call it that it was so big! We could fit our entire one bedroom apartment into just the bedroom and bathroom. We stayed in the Italian Oceanview Skypool Butler Suite room and I believe we were on the 5th floor, so we had incredible views of the resort and of the ocean. There was also both a soaking tub and an infinity pool on the balcony, which was really special to have. 

The view from the bed was like nothing else. There were doors that completely opened up to the infinity pool and an incredible view of the ocean. Watching the sunsets from the infinity pool was unreal! You can get a full tour of the room here

It’s a bit more money, but we couldn’t recommend the butler services more for a special occasion, such as a honeymoon. All three of the butlers who alternated during our 7 day stay honesty made the trip that much better. On days when we felt like sleeping in, we had breakfast brought up to our room and lounge chairs saved by either the pool or the beach so we could stroll out when we were ready. We sure didn’t want to have to set an alarm on our honeymoon!

A few more things that the butlers did that we really enjoyed:

  • Walked us to our chairs each morning and brought us any food or drinks we might want, as well as coming back occasionally to check on us.
  • Made all of our dinner reservations. This one was a big deal because a) it made it so we didn’t have to plan and b) they were able to get us the times we wanted and then switch reservations for us when we wanted to go to Butch’s again.
  • Each night at dinner they did something special at our table, which really made each dinner feel like a date.
  • Left us snacks to come back to in the room after a long day out of the room as well as bottles of champagne and wine.
  • Filled the soaking tub on the balcony and left flowers and special surprises around the suite for us.

We also just really enjoyed talking to our butlers about Grenada and learning more about the island and the different Sandals resorts. If we went back for a regular trip we might not pay to have butler services, but if you are going for a romantic trip you should definitely look into it because it made us feel very special and added to the romance. Sandals La Source Grenada

Where to eat:

Bill and I went into this trip expecting the food to be just okay since it is an all inclusive. Boy were we wrong! We were SO pleasantly surprised by how good the food was. So much so, that we really went for it after being on wedding diets for so long haha! 

  • Le Jardinier: French cuisine where we went for dinner. We enjoyed the food so much that when we came back to NY we found another French restaurant to go to! La Jardinier is also a great spot to go for dinner because it’s a bit fancier so you can dress up, whereas most of the other places are pretty casual.
  • Neptunes: Mediterranean Seafood where we went a few times for lunch since it is right next to the beach. It also had a pretty good “beach food” menu; light salads, sandwiches, etc. We ate dinner here our first night and while I had the biggest mussel I’ve ever seen, it wasn’t our favorite dinner spot. Great location though so I would definitely go to it at least one night.
  • Kimonos:Your classic hibachi restaurant. There isn’t a menu, the chef just makes everything for everyone at the table but the food was really good!
  • Soy: We spent a lot of time at Soy! It is a Japanese restaurant that had really delicious sushi! We went here for a full dinner one night and then a few times just popped in and had a drink at the bar. Each restaurant had their own bar with a drink menu specialized for that cuisine (good tip if you get tired of basic drinks!). The bar at Soy tended to be less crowded than the other bars so we would come in, get a roll to share and sit and talk with the bartender and any people around. Really delicious saki drinks too!
  • Spices: Caribbean Cuisine buffet. We went to Spices once for breakfast and enjoyed the buffet but it served the same thing everyday so we didn’t go back. We enjoyed the food enough the first day but wanted to mix it up. We also cancelled our dinner reservation here because we didn’t want do buffet and instead picked somewhere else to go.
  • Cucina Romana: Italian Cuisine. We went here for breakfast but it was the same exact buffet as Spices, which was disappointing. We wish there had been a few more breakfast options so we instead just ordered to the room, since it was easier. We also didn’t have dinner here since I am lactose intolerant and try to avoid dairy as often as I can and Italian is a bit tough with that.
  • Butch’s Chophouse: Steakhouse where we went twice for dinner. We were so pleasantly surprised with how good the steak was and the fact that you could order more than one lobster tail! Plus, they were pretty decent sized portions of both the steak and lobster. This one needs to be on your list!
  • Dino’s Pizzeria: Located right next to the “party” pool so it was easy to get for lunch. They made me a veggie pizza with no cheese and it was delicious! They were made to order pizzas where you could pick any toppings you wanted.
  • Cafe de Paris: Coffee/Dessert Restaurant. I didn’t get anything from here but I think Bill did every day! Whether it was coffee or dessert he was happy with it all! You just order at the counter and can either sit at one of the tables or take it to go. Plus I believe they made dessert alcoholic drinks, which are very fun!
  • Tipsy Turtle Pub: Classic English Pub. Bill and I cancelled our reservation here since we eat pub food a lot in NY and wanted to mix it up. We did go here for drinks a few times though and karaoke night!
  • Hot Dog Truck: Located outside of Soy and Cafe de Paris this was one of our favorite stops. We are both big hotdog fans and it was just easy to go up to the cart and get a quick hotdog either for lunch or a snack.

I also would like to mention that Sandals was really great about any food allergies or intolerances. We were able to let our butler know ahead of time and every restaurant was very accommodating.

Things to do at the resort and on the island:

Sandals La Source GrenadaSandals La Source GrenadaEven though the main reason we came to Sandals was to sit on the beach and relax, we were very happy to find activities to keep us entertained! Some activities we enjoyed were borrowing books from the library to read on the beach, non-motorized water sports (we tried the stand up paddle boards), ping pong, snorkeling, sunset sail around the island, and trivia at the pool bar. 

This was all in addition to swimming and relaxing at the beach, the quiet pool,  and the giant hot tub, and swimming and playing volleyball in the “party”pool. This was how we spent most of our days..always with a drink in hand, of course. Then, every night there was some sort of activity planned! It was nice having the option of nightlife after eating dinner, even if it always ended pretty early. I’d say everything but the Tipsy Turtle ended around 11 or so, which was fine for us because we wanted to wake up and make the most of our days.

Everything listed above was included in the all inclusive, including the full list of activities here. We were happy with just how much was included to do!

We also did one excursion on the island that wasn’t included in our all inclusive, but was though an outside company. We did the Adventure Jeep & River Tubing Combo, which was perfect for us. For starters it was only a half day, so we were still able to relax by the pool for a bit before having to go shower for dinner. We really would recommend this tour because not only is it fun to go in the sulfur ponds and go tubing down a really crazy river, but we also got a chance to see most of the island. The tour guide on the jeep was fantastic and gave us so much information that we really felt like we learned about Grenada. FYI, this tour really isn’t for the faint of heart. The jeeps go really fast on narrow, winding roads and there are no seat belts and there are a lot of rocks when you’re tubing. We loved it but I figured I would just give the heads up. Sandals La Source GrenadaSandals La Source Grenada


Overall we truly loved our honeymoon at Sandals La Source Grenada and would go back in a heartbeat! With that being said though, I try to always be honest with you on Sequins & Strawberries so in addition to the few cons I already mentioned, there are a few other things. 

If you don’t have a butler the restaurants fill up really fast. If you don’t go your first day to make your reservations, then you might not get to try all of them. Then, if you like one a lot and want to try it again, it might be hard to get a second reservation. 

Without a butler it is also a little tough to secure chairs by the beach/cabanas at the pool if you don’t wake up really early. Yes there are a ton of chairs but I wanted specific ones with umbrellas or shade so we could get out of the sun.

If you want to do things at night things do quiet down kind of early, which isn’t always a bad thing.

If you’re still here-THANK YOU! You made it through this lengthy post! I hope it was super informative and helped give you an idea into Sandals La Source Grenada! If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to reach out to me at!

Sandals La Source Grenada
Sandals La Source Grenada
Sandals La Source Grenada
Sandals La Source Grenada
Sandals La Source Grenada
Sandals La Source GrenadaSandals La Source GrenadaSandals La Source GrenandaSandals La Source Grenada