Stay Cozy In The Snow

Stay Cozy 5-Sequins & Strawberries

Sweater: Banana Republic (Sold out but very similar here and on sale!)//Pants: J.Crew (Exact version sold out but love these, these, and this Factory version here that are on sale!)//Flats: Topshop (My exact pair is sold out but I’m loving this pattern and these)//Purse: Vintage Gucci (Similar here)//Hat: J.Crew (Old, love this one)//Earrings: Bauble Bar (Old but almost identical here)

So unfortunately this stay cozy post was supposed to go up last Thursday but Wednesday night when I came home from work I had a really bad headache and just couldn’t fathom writing. The only thing to cure a headache is to eat shitty food and binge watch tv shows…right? So that is what I did.

But I felt guilty all day Thursday that I didn’t put up a post but I finally am writing this post this weekend (along with the other two for this week). I’m not sure why I always do this to myself but I put on so much pressure then I just crack under it. Then,  I struggle to keep up with everything I want to get done and then do half of everything. I’m really determined to do my posts earlier, like a week or so, and then just have to do updates the day before. It seems to be the only real way to keep up with blogging andddd having a real life. 

But anywho, enough complaining for today (I promise!). This weekend was a fun one! Bill and I ordered Chinese food Friday night and were able to just stay cozy all night and relax. Friday nights were made to order food and watch Netflix, just saying. Then, Saturday we had a nice and productive day and then spent the night with friends at hibachi and then playing board games. Sunday was productive as well and then we went to my friends house for the Super Bowl. Honestly I can’t discuss  much about the actual game with you but what did you guys think about the commercials this year? Not even worth pretending I watched the game #sorryImnotsorry

Well now that I’ve written an essay and haven’t even gotten to todays outfit I’ll move along to that…

I hate to admit it because this has been the common theme lately but I also took this sweater from my mom. If I could insert an emoji here you know which one I would use (Hint: monkey covering his eyes, duh). I’m really trying to be good and not buy anymore winter clothes for this year so I feel okay buying (much needed) new summer and spring clothes. I’m really tired of my old clothes and I’m in much need of a purge. Speaking of which, do any of you have a site you sell your clothes on that you like? My friend Jamie (hey jame!) used Poshmark and really liked it but I’m open to other suggestions as well. I’m in a new mindset of out with the old and in with the new and that I’ll actually wear. I’m so good at getting rid of somethings but others I hold onto and yet I never wear them or wear them maybe once? 

Sorry ramble over.

So as I was saying this sweater is indeed my mothers and it is so freaking comfortable and easy to stay cozy in. Also, really comfortable are my pants. I have them in this pair (black with leather along the side), plain black, and navy blue, which I wore in this post. I am obsessed to say it lightly. J.Crew and J.Crew Factory carry similar versions and they are constantly updating the ones they have so be warned it gets hard to choose which pairs you neeed, because trust me, you need them. I’m all for leggings pretending to be pants because lets be serious, these are just fancy leggings. But then again the material is thicker and you can get away with them as pants and some have pockets and zippers and things. Basically these are my hidden secret to life in the winter. 

I know these flats were “cool” in the fall but I plan to still wear them in the spring even if they’re out by then. I love the ballerina tie aspect of them and can’t wait to try wearing them with shorts or sundresses. Clearly they’re not actually meant for the snow but snow seems to be inevitable these days so why not? Beauty is pain right? 

Stay cozy my friends!

Stay Cozy 1-Sequins & Strawberries

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