Taco in a Mason Jar

Taco In a mason jar Dinner
I think Bill might love Mexican food more than anyone. I on the other hand enjoy it but definitely am not one of those people who crave it very often. I blame it on the fact that a) I only started learning to eat spicy foods in the past two years and b) because 90% of the things have dairy in them and that is a bit of a struggle for me. The joy of making food yourself though is that you control what goes into it and you know exactlyyyy what you are eating.

When I was at the grocery store last Friday I got the idea to attempt to make Mexican food that Bill could easily take to work to him. Let me backtrack a second there because that is probably an odd thought. My train of thought actually went -> What should I make for our lunches this week? Bill had a lot of sandwiches last week he’s probably going to start getting tired of them. I enjoyed having ground turkey for lunch last week I think I want that again. Do you think Bill wants ground turkey instead? What if I made it Mexican flavored? How would I get it altogether? Oh my goodness can I finally use one of my mason jars? YES I’m making a taco in a mason jar! Mexican for lunch! 

So that is how I ended up figuring out how to pack Mexican for Bills lunch. Now it came down to what was going into this jar. To make this all a bit easier I’m going to break it down by level instead of lumping it all into one confusing recipe. Also, one quick thing: you can completely change up this whole recipe but when layering make sure to put the heaviest things on the bottom, the lightest on top and anything liquid-y towards the bottom as well. This keeps your other food nice and clean!

Now here we go, a taco in a mason jar!

1st Level-Green

I’ve been on a spinach kick lately because it is just so good for you but for this dish I wanted something a bit lighter in taste (you know what I mean about spinach, it always has such a strong flavor, could be just me though) and color so I went with romaine and just chopped it up. 

2nd Level- Red

Next up is cherry tomatoes sliced in half to make them easier to eat. You can really use any type of tomato you want or you could even make a salsa type mixture, but I’d place that father down in the jar.

3rd Level- Red

I chose to use red peppers in addition to the tomatoes because I personally just like red peppers but they are by no means necessary. You can also substitute a hotter pepper here if you want to give the dish a little kick!

4th Level- Orange

Cheese. Oh yeah you guys knew that one was coming! Every good Mexican dish has cheese in it, which actually is normally my downside considering I cannot eat dairy but when you make it yourself anything is possible! I used Kraft 4 cheese Mexican blend which surprisingly has 0g of lactose in it. I know this because when you read the nutritional content it says it right there! Such a blessing!

5th Level-Green

This is probably one of my favorite levels. I could eat guacamole all day, every day and never get tired of it. Avocado goes on everything and it is a bright spot in my day. I used half an avocado and squeezed a quarter of a lime into it, mixed it together with a dash of sea salt and it was delicious! 

6th Level-Brown

Now for the substantial part of the meal. I used 1lb of ground turkey, a packet of taco seasoning, and 1 cup of quinoa. I browned the meat in a skillet, drained the juice out (you know that gross stuff that comes out of the meat?), then followed the packet instructions which is adding water and the contents of the package, and finished cooking the meat thoroughly. For the quinoa I followed the instructions on the box which are so super simple. When they were both cooked I combined them in a giant bowl, this allows the packet flavoring to get on the quinoa too. This was so good that I ate the meat on its own for a good chunk of the week too because there was definitely leftovers. If you’re not a meat fan I think beans and quinoa would also be a great addition.

I hope you enjoy my taco in a mason jar recipe!

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