The Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

The Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water 1 -Sequins & Strawberries-3 The Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water 1 -Sequins & Strawberries-2The Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water 1 -Sequins & Strawberries-4 The Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water 1 -Sequins & Strawberries

My quest to being healthy is a slow one and I mean sssslllooooowwww. Every time I move forward I feel as if I take 10 steps back. Does anyone else feel like this happens to them? I get super motivated and go all out only to crash and burn and essentially gorge myself on everything I said I would stop eating.

I think this happens because I go about it all wrong. I drop everything bad cold turkey and vow to give it up for x amount of time. This is in no way feasible. Maybe some people have control but it just isn’t working for me. What I’m learning is that I need to slowly change and or add new things in. What I’ve been trying to do now is to just do my best. Put spinach on a sandwich instead of no vegetable or scoop out a bagel so it is a bit less bad. I also have started (slowly again) putting easy workouts into my weeks. By adding in something I feel better than doing nothing and I’m hoping it’ll start to become routine. Maybe one day I’ll even (gasp) enjoy working out and want to push myself even harder!

But the easiest change I’ve found is drinking lemon water. I’m sure you’ve heard of all of the benefits before, so why not do it? I basically only drink water all day so throwing in some lemon is probably the easiest task I’ll do all day. I know it sounds silly and I’m not sure if I’m the only one this happens to but when I know I’m doing something good, I feel good. By telling myself all of the good benefits of drinking lemon water I begin to feel it. I have more energy, my skin looks better and I feel healthier, but for all I know this can just be in my head. I’m okay with that though because there wouldn’t be thousands of articles devoted to drinking lemon water if it didn’t do something good right? Even if all it’s doing is encouraging me to drink more water, I’m fine with that!

But just in case you don’t want to take my word for it I’ve found a few articles to let you know all of the wonderful benefits! (Here, here & here).