The Most Perfect Bridal Shower!

The other weekend my family and friends threw me the sweetest bridal shower. It was honestly exactly what I would picture for my shower and I couldn’t be more thankful to have such amazing women in my life. They seriously know how to make a girl feel loved! They all put so much planning, thought, time and effort into making this the perfect day and I am seriously so grateful for all of it. I love all of you so much!

Bridal Shower 6
Bridal Shower 4

Dress: Joanna August (c/o Shopbop) I’m absolutely obsessed with this dress, I felt like such a princess in it!

Thank you for this incredible photo wall Jamie and the whole Carey family! It truly was a highlight for everyone!

Bridal Shower 12

How beautiful is my friend Jess’ handwriting? She did this all freehand with no stencil or lines or anything! Such a talent! Thanks Jess!

Bridal Shower 24

My amazing and beautiful bridesmaids!!! I couldn’t have dreamed of a better group of ladies!

Bridal Shower 13

The showers theme was a wine tasting, how cute is that?! It really made for a good time! The little name tags were just adorable! Also, very helpful because everyone wrote their names on the back to make it easier to tell the glasses apart. Some of us still managed to end up with more than one glass though!

Bridal Shower 10Bridal Shower 17Bridal Shower 18Bridal Shower 27

Bridal Shower 8For the menu they went with all lactose free choices because I unfortunately am lactose intolerant. The food was all catered by Buscos Gourmet Kitchen & Catering and the lactose free bride cake and adorable cupcake wedding dress was by Cupcakes Made by Lauren. Everything was absolutely delicious!

Bridal Shower 2Bridal Shower 7

My wonderful mom and sisters! A big thank you to them not only for planning and hosting the shower of my dreams but for always being there for either a great laugh or a shoulder to cry on. You are four of the most amazing women I’ve ever met and I’m honored to call you my mom, sisters, and best friends!

Bridal Shower 3Bridal Shower 14

My future sister-in-laws and my future Mother-in-law, Aunt-in-laws, and cousin-in-law. I couldn’t be marrying into a nicer, more welcoming family! The past three years growing closer to everyone has been incredible and I cannot wait to officially be apart of this amazing family!

Bridal Shower 15Bridal Shower 16Bridal Shower 26Bridal Shower 9

Some of my adorable nieces and nephews! How flipping cute are they?! Teddy and Natalie unfortunately weren’t at the shower and little baby Graham was absent from these photos due to the fact that it was so sunny out. 

Bridal Shower 1

My handsome husband to be! All of the men went golfing during the shower and then joined us afterwards for a BBQ and swimming! I can’t wait to marry you, Bill! Love you to the moon and back!

And if you’re still with me (thank you!) here are more snaps from the shower! Thank you so much to everyone who came and to everyone who helped out! The best group of women ever! And of course thank you for all of the generous gifts, Bill and I cannot wait to start our married life together decked out with the best housewares! 

Bridal Shower 11Bridal Shower 20Bridal Shower 19
Bridal Shower 5Bridal Shower 28Bridal Shower 29Bridal Shower 30Bridal Shower 31Bridal Shower 32Bridal Shower 34Bridal Shower 35

A big thank you to my bestie and bridesmaid Kelly for taking all of these photos and allowing us to capture these perfect memories!