Wedding Questions



So today’s post is a bit different than my usual one’s. This one is me asking you all for advice! I’m feeling kind of overwhelmed with the whole wedding planning process and am looking for any and all advice/help. Bill and I are pretty sure we’ve found our venue but just want to make sure, but other than that we haven’t done too much yet. I know we didn’t get engaged too long ago but with my anxiety I like being able to spread out all of the work over time.

With that being said, does anyone (married or not) have any good advice for us? Any tips on good websites to check out, things that we should definitely do or not do, any good checklists or helpful ways to tackle planning, any good money saving tips, any tips on how to manage blogging while planning, or any good vendors in the NYC/Long Island area? Basically anything you can think of that will help I’m all ears for! I want to make sure we do this in the smartest way possible and with the least amount of bride (or groom) zilla-ness! 

I’m sure everyone feels this way in the beginning and then once you start planning things fall into place but I am such an overplanner that I want to make sure I’m heading in the correct direction.

What were your main concerns when you were planning your wedding?