Wedding Registry Made Easy: 10 Tips To Know Before You Go

Wedding Registry Creating a wedding registry is one of the most fun things you’ll ever do. Seriously though, it really is. What you are basically doing is shopping and picking out everything for your future home but not having to purchase any of it. That comes off very bad but there really is no other way to explain it. Since so many other peoples precious time and money are going into making this event extremely special for you, it’s a good idea to know some helpful tips before jumping in.

For starters, it will take HOURS to register. If you are anything like Bill and I then you will end up super hangry and ready to get the heck out of there. We ended up basically running to a local pizza place to chow down after because we were famished. Which is probably a good place to start…

  1. Eat before you go to the store and bring a snack in your purse. Not only will your stomach thank you but your also (probably pretty bored) fiancé will too. 
  2. Before you can even get to the food though, you need to sit down with your fiancé and figure out what you will really need. Having an idea in mind will help cut back how long your registering takes. Bill and I barely talked about what we wanted and instead went with the let’s just wander around method. Although it was fun, it wasn’t really the best idea and we had to go back to our lists a few more times before they were perfect.
  3. Once you decide what you need, do a little research on different stores and their wedding registry policies. Macy’s for instance has such a great registering program. If you have a Macy’s card, for every purchase you make on anything in the store up until the day of your wedding you get 10% back and anything someone else purchases for you from your registry you get 5% back. This money gets added together and you can use it to purchase things that were not purchased off your registry! PLUS you, your now husband, and both sets of parents get 20% off everything at Macy’s for 6 months after the wedding! Another great thing to consider when picking where you register is what kinds of deals your friends and family will be able to get. Macy’s always has a TON of coupons and sales so people have a chance of getting a discount.
  4. I’d also suggest registering somewhere that can be accessed online and also has store locations that are easy to get to. This way you cover the people who want to order online and have it shipped and people who like to shop the old fashioned way or might not use a computer at all.
  5. Linking your registry to your wedding website is also a great idea. I used for my site and there is a section called registries that makes it super easy to put it on. It’s nice having it on your site because if someone forgets or loses your shower invitation, where it’s also a good idea for your wedding registry to be on, then they can check it out on your website.
  6. Nowadays when you register in a store (which I highly recommend because there is nothing like actually seeing a product in person) they help you make an online login as well so you can edit your registry online. This is a godsend because Bill and I have added and removed so many different things already. So my advice is to every once in a while go through it and see if there is anything you don’t need and can remove, or if there are things you missed and want to add. 
  7. With that being said, it is better to have too much than not enough on your registry. You’d rather give people tons of options in every price range so no one feels forced to buy you that $500 vacuum that picks up dog hair. Yes that is on my registry and yes it is important because ONE day I will have a dog and she will shed everywhere. And if we don’t end up getting it, that’s okay too because we can use those special Macy’s points towards it! 
  8. Don’t just be practical. Make sure to put some pretty things on your wedding registry as well because you won’t be able to afford pretty later on and will forever be purchasing practical. As the years go on a new dishwasher will always beat out that crystal vase in your budget but when you have family and friends over you’ll love having special pieces to bring out and display. One of the pretty pieces, a silver picture frame that had Mr and Mrs engraved on it, actually made me tear up when we were registering. It was the realization that we were going to be putting our wedding photo in that frame which was so exciting!
  9. It’s also a good idea to create your wedding registry early enough in case friends and family would like to buy you something for an engagement or a holiday gift. This way they will know exactly what you are looking for and need and lists make it much easier! 
  10. Lastly, enjoy it! This is such a special time that you and your fiance are sharing together and every moment should be celebrated for the amazing occasion it is! Pop some bubbly, you deserve it!