Where To Stay In Barcelona

Where to stay in BarcelonaI’m going to be upfront here and say this post is a bit picture light. In all honesty, when we got to both hotels in Barcelona, it was so early and we had been traveling for a while, we just napped instead of taking photos. We siesta’d hard on this trip! Unfortunately, that means we don’t have any pictures of our rooms, but I will link to the hotel websites so you can get a better idea. I will give my full and honest review of each hotel though.

For the first half of our trip to Barcelona we stayed at the The Mirror Barcelona in a Deluxe Room. We chose this hotel because of the location. Since we were going to be in Barcelona for so many days we wanted to stay in two different areas to be able to see more of the city. 

The first area I would describe as the “new” section of the city. We originally chose it because we thought it was walking distance to more of the big sites, but they ended up being a bit farther away. We did enjoying walking near the hotel and found a bunch of restaurants we liked nearby, which we will be sharing with you soon! It also was very close to Passeig de Gracia, which is one of the main roads in Barcelona. It also happens to be where all of the designer stores are, the Gaudi apartment, a ton of restaurants and our favorite rooftop bar

The Mirror Barcelona:

  • The service! Everyone was SO nice and did whatever they could to help. We asked them a few questions and they always tried to answer them to the best of their ability. 
  • There is a rooftop pool and a few lounge chairs where you can relax if you don’t feel like taking a full siesta. The view is decent, not the best but it was still pretty.
  • The hotel had a cool, modern vibe, and just as the name implies, it had mirrors everywhere. The glass elevator was particularly fun to ride!
  • Our hotel room was clean and way big enough for both Bill and me. We had heard that the rooms tended to be tiny in Europe, but we fit comfortably. It also was a true queen bed and not two twins pushed together.
  • The TV had a ton of channels in english, including a channel that had movies. I’ll include this here too, there was free wifi, but that was pretty common across the whole country, including at restaurants.
  • We liked that we could walk in the morning to Sagrada Familia. It is 1.3 miles or a 27  minute walk, according to Google Maps. If this is far for you the hotel very nicely will call you a cab. We did that for Park Guell because we had to be there so early. Plus it is 2 miles away.


  • Even though there is a restaurant in the hotel I felt like it was never open. Granted Bill and I would head out for hours at a time and weren’t always at the hotel, but it did feel like it had odd hours.
  • The bathroom in the hotel room was clean but it had frosted glass doors for the shower and toilet.  Bill and I were fine, but it could have been awkward if you stayed there with someone you weren’t close with. The good part was the sink was separated so it didn’t fog up from the shower and we could get ready while the other used either the shower or toilet.  There was a TV in the toilet room, which is always a plus!  

Overall we had a very pleasant experience at The Mirror Barcelona and would go back again!

In the middle of the two Barcelona hotels we took a weekend trip to Mallorca, which I will be sharing soon!

When we got back from Mallorca we stayed at The Park Hotel for the second half of our Barcelona trip. I can’t tell from the pictures if we stayed in a Standard Single or a Standard room because the pictures don’t quite look like our room. They look similar-ish but we didn’t have a sitting area and the bathroom looks completely different. We chose to stay at this hotel because we had recommendations to stay by the Gothic Quarter for part of the trip. 

This area was actually Bill’s favorite because it is the older part of the city and what he felt looked like the Europe he pictured. It truly is a gorgeous area, so I’m glad we spent so much time there.


  • The location was perfect! We were down the block from Parc de la Ciutadella and a close walking distance to the Gothic Quarter.
  • There was a rooftop pool with a very pretty view!
  • You could adjust the air conditioner very easily, which was a huge plus for us because it was hot while we were there.
  • There was both a restaurant in the hotel (that looked really popular!) and a bar. We got drinks from the bar and brought them up to our room and then just returned the glasses later on. 
  • The front desk was super helpful and gave us a great dinner recommendation one night.
  • Our room had a smart TV so we were able to login to our Netflix when we wanted to relax one night. This isn’t a necessity, of course, but most of the channels were in Spanish so it was nice to also have the option to have a show we could understand playing in the background while we got ready. 


  • The bathroom ventilation wasn’t the best. If we didn’t leave the bathroom window open while we were out it tended to smell a little bit like wet towels. 
  • Our room was on the smaller side and had two twins pushed together instead of a king.  However, this is standard in Europe.

I would definitely recommend The Park Hotel to anyone who would like to stay in the Gothic Quarter (which you totally should!). 

If you have any other Barcelona related questions let me know!

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