Why You Need A Flannel

Why you need a flannel 1-Sequins & Strawberries Why you need a flannel 2-Sequins & Strawberries Why you need a flannel 3-Sequins & Strawberries Why you need a flannel 4-Sequins & Strawberries Why you need a flannel 5-Sequins & Strawberries JCrew Flannel//JCrew Factory Vest//Similar Jeans//Similar Ankle Boots//Louis Vuitton

Flannels are probably the ultimate fall staple and quite frankly I think they’re the most comfortable thing ever. Minus pajamas but those aren’t exactly acceptable to go out in.  So flannels would be the most comfortable thing that you can leave your house in. Weird reason to love them? Maybe. But they also go with so many different things. Here I’m wearing it a bit more “basic” fall with the vest and ankle booties. Whereas in this post I wore it open with timbs for a more outdoorsy vibe. Guaranteed you will see me posting a few different ways before the fall/winter are over. 

I really cannot get enough of these olive jeans. I’ve had them for years and I continue to go back to them on a regular basis. If I could go back in time I’d buy three more pairs just to have. I seriously recommend getting a pair of pants this color, they go with everything and anything, from casual to dressy. Great purchase for sure! I linked a few different options below as well.

Also, that piece of paper in my pocket was blog ideas I wrote down and didn’t want to lose. Oops to not pushing it into my pocket far enough.